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DIY Headache Relief Balm using Essential Oils | Aromatherapy | Essential Oils |KalkSTAR Naturals

September 10, 2019

hey everyone welcome back to KalkSTAR
Naturals where we like to get extra natural and today I will be showing you
how to make an organic vegan friendly headache balm using essential oils and
one way to do it is in the form of a balm which I like to use because then I
can massage it into my temples forehead and neck which works wonders for me so I am going to show you how to make it right now
so our first ingredient is virgin coconut oil which will act as one of our
carrier oils, a carrier oil is necessary when using essential oils because they
are highly concentrated so you want to dilute them. I like coconut oil because
it’s very light, penetrates the skin well and that means our essential oil will have
great absorption. Next, we have our organic African ivory shea butter which
will act as our second carrier oil and I chose it because of its slower
absorption rate which will make the balm last longer for us and last but
certainly not least our essential oils. We will be using one drop from each oil here, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus. Peppermint is great because it has a
long-lasting cooling effect on the skin and it can inhibit muscle contractions
that are responsible for a lot of the tension headaches that we sometimes get.
Lavender is an overall great calming agent, it can also relieve tension but
also stress that may be responsible for stress induced headaches. If you’re
having trouble sleeping or having a restless mind it can improve that as
well and if interested I did upload a video yesterday for sleep and relaxation
balms so feel free to check it out link will be in the description or cards
above. Now we have Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is great for respiratory
issues but more specifically it can help open up the nasal Airways and
remove a lot of the sinus pressures that may be causing a sinus headache
it also helps cleanse the body of toxins and can improve emotional balance
while boosting our mood and when you put them together they work really well to
combat several different types of headaches as you may or may not know
there are different types of headaches there’s tension headache which is like
the most common that people get but there’s also migraine headaches sinus
headaches the list goes on and they often have different origins and methods
for resolving them and if you know the type of headache you have,
you can usually combine these essential oils in different ways to target it
specifically this balm today will cover three types of headaches in one, but if
you subscribe you can catch future uploads which will hone in on specific
types of headaches and when we’re done we’ll put it in our small containers and now that it’s all done and melted we’re going to put in that three drops to our
mixture one drop from each of these essential oils which will come out to
about one percent dilution which is where we want to be and then we’re just going to let our
mixture cool for about 20 minutes it’s going to take a little longer than it would
have had I used candelilla wax but that’s not in our mixture because I
wanted it to be really really soft so that it’s easy to massage into our skin.
If you want you can always just put it in the freezer for about five minutes
and that will speed up the time for you so I really like how soft this came out
I did that intentionally which is what you’re gonna get when you leave out the
vegan wax the candelilla wax that we usually use and this will make it really
really easy to just use it kind of like a massaging oil to rub out some of those
tight knot tension spots and I’m just gonna open up one of these so you can
see. I actually just dipped my finger into it which is kind of funny but it shows how
soft the product is so I just left the clip in and the smell is so
refreshing it smells very minty very bright but also calming that’s that
lavender coming into play so I really really like this balm and I do
use it and I share it with family and friends like I always do and I have
pretty positive feedback so I hope you guys end up liking it as well. So as you
can see look how smoothly it just rubs in and once you really rub it out it
absorbs quickly so you’re not left feeling greasy or oily but yeah that is
all I have for you guys today thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this
or found this helpful then feel free to drop a like if you know someone who
might be having trouble with headaches then maybe share this with them or maybe
even make it for them okay I hope you guys subscribe so you can catch my next
video I will see you in next time

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  1. This is so creative , definitely need to try this- I don't get headaches often but when I do they are terrible😭! I just uploaded a new video today too! Mind checking it out and letting me now what you think?💕✨

  2. What an awesome idea! I hate popping pills and I've been waiting to up my essential oil game. Right now I only have lavender. Aside from the ones mentioned in this video, do you have any other top recommendations for "essential" essential oils to own? #newsubbie

  3. This is awesome! I love using essential oils for headaches. They're natural, unlike taking pain killers, and they smell soooo nice!

  4. Thanks for this. I suffer from vertigo so I get a lot of headaches. I just looking for a quick way to get rid of it. Can I use almond oil to replace the coconut oil?

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