Diarrhea | When to Worry | Parents

September 10, 2019

It’s normal for babies to have soft poop.
It’s normal for them to poop eight times a day, and it’s even normal for poop to shoot
out of their diaper and end up on their back. So, how can you tell if they have diarrhea?
Even for us doctors it can be tricky. If your baby suddenly starts pooping a lot more and
her stool is more watery than usual, she’s probably got the runs. Diarrhea can be caused
by a change in diet, antibiotic, a food allergy, or a stomach virus. Here are three steps to
take if your baby has diarrhea. Give plenty of liquids. If you’re breastfeeding, keep
it up. It may help your baby recover faster. Your pediatrician may also recommend a pediatric
electrolyte solution to increase your baby’s fluid intake. You also wanna feed your baby
normally. If she eats solids, she can eat her normal diet, although you might wanna
cut back a bit on fruit and avoid juice. Yogurt with live cultures may speed her recovery.
Lastly, watch for dehydration. This is the biggest risk because babies can lose a lot
of fluid quickly. If she’s crying without tears, having fewer wet diapers, her skin
seems different, or the soft spot on her head is sunken, call your doctor right away.

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