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Diarrhea Prevention Initiative

September 12, 2019

So we want to ask you about the patients who have diarrhea. How many of them have come to the hospital for the last year? Well, actually they will come to the hospital around 5 to 6 people per day about diarrhea. Around these numbers. And what about the reason why they have diarrhea? Well, it’s probably because of the food. If it happened to children, it probably because of Rotavirus. This virus will come to cold and hot weather. but if it about adults, it usually about their habits of eating or not taking care of themselves like not washing their hands before eating food. It usually happened in the summer season. And how about how can we prevent this from happening? To prevent it, first, we have to eat only cooked food and fresh and washing your hands every time before you eat, and if it started to spread around, please inform [the hospital] as soon as possible. For instance, if you caught virus-like cholera, it can become contagious and then you have to inform [the hospital] again. And that’s it. We are very thankful for your cooperation. You’re welcome.

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