Diabetes : How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 179
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Diabetes : How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 179

November 3, 2019

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m
doctor Janine Bowring naturopathic doctor and today topic in the show is diabetes
and how to lower your blood sugar naturally so this is a question that
comes up a lot here on the VitaLife Show in your comments and thank you for
that and all you do leave your questions and comments below and you know how do we do this naturally
with the great news is that we can do this naturally with her diet or exercise
in taking right supplement help to naturally lower our blood glucose levels so first and foremost the diet now watching those high
glycemic carbs so what does this mean that means you know really sweet food so whether it’s fruit juices even
their healthy they really do spike our insulin levels
as well as you know the tropical fruits unfortunately yes
they’re very delicious and yummy but they do raise our insulin levels things like mangoes
pineapples bananas very high on the glycemic index and
something that we should be avoiding if to manage our blood glucose level
now exercise really does help so doing
cardio vascular and weight training exercises really does help to keep your insulin
in check and this is really important if you go to any doctor no matter
where they are in the world they will tell you that exercise really
does help to manage your diabetes so this is really important there’s no
way around it unfortunately you have to get moving and this you’ll
see the result in your blood glucose level that you’re being monitored that you will see a drastic reduction this is really important for you to know
just do something it makes me love it because if you’re in if you’re exercising you don’t love what
you’re doing you won’t stick with it so find something that you love to do and do it often now there are some great
supplement that people you know they don’t really know that can really help
to drastically reduce blood glucose levels and and manage the
insulin one my favorite is magnesium so taking the right type of magnesium and here at VitaTree we have a
special type of magnesium bisglycinate and this magnesium what it does is help
witth the function and the utilization in insulin in the body
so this is remarkable at what it can do in terms of managing that diabetes so standard dosage one two 2 capsules a
day sometimes we increase the dosage so two
capsules two to three times a day depending on you know how out of balance those blood
glucose levels are so that’s really important for you to know check that out VitaTree Magnesium at vitatree.com as well as essential fatty acids
research has shown that essential fatty acids help to manage our insulin levels so
here at VitaTree we have our famous VitaFish Oil so do check
that out also at vitatree.com very special type of fish oil higher in the DHA as opposed to the EPA
which makes it very unique and delicious so they taste like orange
candies you’ll absolutely love it and now VitaDetox, now
detoxification is really important for diabetes sufferers and the reason for
this is that you have to get all the toxins
out of the internal organs whether this
is the digestive track as well as a pancreas the blood system
lymphatic system the liver, the kidneys everything works
in concert together if you think about it all the internal organs to keep you
healthy unfortunately because we’re exposed all
these toxins that becomes a problem and a burden to the body and often the drugs as well
unfortunately they cause toxicity in the internal organs so diabetes you know if this is a
problem whether the drug induced from from the drugs may be taking or
because the poor lifestyle and diet it’s really important
to detoxify and the VitaDetox will do that all in one bottle so easy to take you
don’t need to drastically change your diet when you doing the VitaDetox and
that’s why people absolutely love it as well thanks for joining me today
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VitaLife show as well so you’re gonna click up here this is
all about detoxification so going into more depth as to why we all need to
detoxify and to do it regularly if you click in the middle here this is
all about our great facial exercises which are so famous here on the VitaLife Show how to stay
youthful and young and looking absolute best and doing it naturally and click down here for probiotics and
probiotics are really important for your digestive health it actually helps your insulin as well so do
check that out. Thanks for joining me today

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  1. Good tips!! how should I take the piles? would you explain more on how to use this natural pils without interfering with othe source of vitamins and mineral that i am taking regulary?

  2. I would like to know if you have a protocol or you just do all at once? Do i start with the detox and then add the other supplements? I have ordered the parasite cleanse that i intend to do 2 weeks and then the detox + metamucil for another 2 weeks. I do not have diabetes but sugar level is border line with being about 30 pounds overweight. Please advise or refer to where I can find more info. Thanks much

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