“Diabetes & High Blood Pressure” by Barbara O’Neill (3/10)
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“Diabetes & High Blood Pressure” by Barbara O’Neill (3/10)

September 8, 2019

– Good evening everyone. – [Crowd] Good evening. – So the sun does shine in Melbourne, yes? (crowd laughs) Beautiful day. We’re going to be looking
tonight at diabetes and high blood pressure. Looking at high blood
pressure, we’ll be looking at of course the heart. The number one killer in
Australia today, you know, is heart disease. It’s actually neck-to-neck with cancer. We touched on cancer last night. So we’ll be looking at
the other number one which is heart disease/high
blood pressure, and also diabetes. Now I’ve only got 45
minutes here with you, but you will find that
very similar principles are affecting both of them. Hippocrates, one of his
most quoted statements is, let food be your medicine
and medicine be your food. So what I’d like to look at is how food affects diabetes and high blood pressure. Never in the history of
mankind have human beings eaten so many carbohydrates. So let’s do an assessment
of the carbohydrates that Australians are eating. No matter where I go in
the world; in America, in Scotland, in England, in
New Zealand, it’s the same. So most people have cereal for breakfast. We know, because there’s a
whole aisle devoted to it. And also bread, there’s a
whole aisle devoted to bread. And if you go into the supermarket and see a whole aisle devoted to something, you’ve got a pretty good idea
that it’s a hot topic, eh? It’s something that a lot of people buy. And cake shops abound, cakes, biscuits, so we’ll say cakes, et cetera. And pies, Australians love their pies. Pizzas, Italians have introduced
Aussies to pizza and pasta. I’m a fifth-generation
Australian, Scottish descent, I didn’t know what pasta
was ’til I was about 18. I don’t think there’s a
home without pasta today. Rice is another carbohydrate. I’m married to an Irishman,
so every main meal must contain potatoes. Michael and I went to Scotland
last year, 2077 in June, and Michael was so happy
because we ate in English pubs. In the food there’s about three or four different types of potatoes. (laughs) Lots of potatoes, they
have lots of veggies, too. That’s why we could eat there. And last and certainly
least in nutritive value is the pure crystallized
acid that’s extracted from the sugar cane plant. Would you agree with me? Aussies are high carbohydrate consumers. Now all of these foods in
the gastrointestinal tract, which I will show you tomorrow night, they break down to a singular
structure called glucose. So when these foods get
broken down to glucose, the glucose gets into the blood and then it goes on the main highway straight to the project
manager, which is called liver, and we’re gonna look at that a little bit in the next lecture. But the liver sends it
first of all to the CBD, central business district
of the human body. That glucose goes into the cell. When the glucose goes into the cell, it goes in under the action of insulin. Insulin is the key that unlocks the door to get glucose into the cell. It then goes through a 20-step pathway. 20 little chemical reactions
which delivers to us two units of energy. The end result of this 20-step pathway is a chemical form of
glucose called pyruvate. Pyruvate is the chemical form of glucose, gets fed into what’s often
called the power house. Called the power house because even though it’s only an eight-step pathway, it delivers to us a
whopping 36 units of energy. So what makes the difference? How come an eight-step pathway gives us 36 and a 20-step pathway only gives us two? The difference is oxygen. So this is what’s often
called an aerobic pathway, meaning it uses oxygen to produce energy whereas this pathway is called anaerobic; anaerobic meaning no oxygen. It actually produces energy by
the process of fermentation. So the first place that
the glucose is sent is to the cell to be burned as fuel. That’s not a surprise. But on a high-carbohydrate diet, there’s still a lot of glucose left over. So now the liver causes
some of it to be stored in the cell, like a
little bunch of grapes, but they’re little molecules of glucose. They’re stored there for when we need them and they’re called glycogen. Glycogen is a name given to
quick-release glucose stores. This explains why, when
you wake up in the morning and do your morning exercise,
you don’t need to eat first. You will get energy
because inside your cell, particularly muscle cell,
there are little molecules of glucose just waiting to be plucked when the need arises. But on a high-carbohydrate diet we’ve still got glucose left over. So now, the liver causes
that excess glucose to be stored in the
most amazing fuel depot in the human body, fat. And on this high-carbohydrate diet, what’s happening to Australians? (laughs) They’re getting bigger, and
bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Fat doesn’t make you fat. I’ve just given you
the basic science here. What makes you fat? (crowd mumbles) It’s the glucose, it’s the carbs. And here we’ve got our pancreas, and our pancreas, it
releases two hormones. One is insulin, and insulin’s the hormone designed to get the
blood glucose down again when it goes high. And if the blood glucose goes too low, then glucagon is released. And glucagon is the
hormone that’s released if blood glucose goes too
low, to get it up again. Now what’s happening with the pancreas is when the pure crystallized acid extracted from the sugar cane plant goes in, blood glucose levels rise
dramatically, not sugar cane. Because in the sugar
cane the glucose is all bound up in fiber, and it
slowly releases the glucose. But that pure crystallized acid that’s been extracted
from the sugar cane plant, when it goes into the body,
blood glucose levels go boom. Very quickly the brain
says, “Overload, quick. “Pancreas, release the insulin.” You see, high glucose
demands high insulin. So now the insulin’s released
and blood glucose levels start to drop, because now
the insulin causes the glucose to go into the cell or to be
stored as glycogen or fat. But because there was so much glucose, huge amounts of insulin are released. So where are blood
glucose levels going now? Too low, that’s called
hypoglycemia, too low. So now the brain goes,
“Oh no, we’re too low. “Stop the insulin, release the glucagon.” But by the way, what happens down there? What does the person do? I need a hit of sugar, I’m too low. Will the sugar get it up? Oh, absolutely. Boom, oh no, we’re too
high, stop the glucagon, release the insulin. (gurgles)
Oh no. Can you see what’s happening? Something else is happening. The cell starts to say, “I’m sick of the sight of you, insulin,” and insulin resistance sets up. I’m sick of the sight of you. So the cell starts to resist insulin and the blood glucose levels stay high because it’s resisting getting in. So the brain says, “Too much glucose, “more insulin, more insulin.” Can you see what’s happening here? The body says, “What am
I going to do with this?” Get it out through the urine. Do you know what diabetes mellitus means? Sweet urine, because there’s
nowhere else for it to go. And then eventually
the pancreas just says, “I’m sick of this, I’m done,” and it just stops releasing the insulin. We had a young man named
Paul do our program. He was 19. He had type one diabetes, and
he’d had type one diabetes since he was 15, where he was put on a very strong course of
antibiotics for a chest infection and it started to kill off
the beta cells in his pancreas that produce insulin. See here, there can be several causes. He came to us, he was
actually quite overweight for a young man. You see high insulin, insulin’s got a one-track mind, “I must store, I must store, I must store, “I’ve got to get it out
of the blood and store.” It’s very hard to lose weight
if someone’s on high insulin. So he was on 90 units of insulin a day. He came to our program, he heard the lecture on
how the carbohydrates, they’re the ones that dump his glucose, get the blood sugar level too high. The first two days at Misty
Mountain Health Retreat, our guests have juices,
mostly carrot, sorrel and apple juices. In the middle of the night his blood sugar started to drop, what does that mean? He’s on too much insulin. So the first week he would have a lolly, that would get the blood
sugar level up again, but he’d always get a
headache because it’d go boom. (gasps) Second week he got convicted
he shouldn’t have the lolly. He was a quiet guy, I didn’t
know what was happening in the middle of the night. The second week he
decided to eat an apple. It takes a long time to eat an apple in the middle of the night. Um, um. And it’d get the blood sugar level up, but he wouldn’t get the headache. Third week, instead, if he
got a blood sugar level low, he wouldn’t take a lolly,
he wouldn’t take an apple. He’d jump down on the floor
and he’d do 30 pushups and it’d get the blood sugar level up. Where’d that come from? His glycogen stores already
sitting in his muscle cell. In fact, he told me he got up one morning and his blood glucose levels were 3.5; that’s nearly passing out. He took that bit of salt,
put it on his tongue, had a glass of water,
went to the bathroom, had another glass of
water, put his joggers on, and went for a run,
running up and down hills. Came back, took his blood
glucose levels, nine. Where’d that come from? His glycogen stores, and if
they ran out he’s got more. It’s called fat stores. That’s what the liver can do. It’s called gluconeogenesis. Producing glucose from fat stores. He said to me in the third week, he said, “Why didn’t anyone tell
me about glycogen?” Glycogen, it’s the
diabetic’s best-kept secret. Notice what releases it, making sure you’re
well-hydrated, exercising. By the end of the third week he’d dropped his insulin by 90%. He was eating a very
low-carbohydrate diet, so what was he eating? Lots of vegetables. Legumes every meal. Brown rice, whole grain spelt flour. He was an excited young man. He did two weeks program
and two weeks in the garden, so he was with us for four weeks. He was so excited. So number one cause, number one cause of
diabetes is refined sugar. Did you know that there was
no diabetes on the planet until sugar was well established? But something else has come along and you will find that most of these foods are made out of it. It’s the hybridized wheat. The hybridized wheat, how could that be? In the 1950s wheat went through
intensive cross-breeding. You see, they wanted to produce a plant with a high yield of grain to help with the starvation crisis in
Africa, in India, in Mexico. And they found, not found
one, but they created one. Now this plant only grows that high. When I was a little girl
and you went out west, the wheat was that high. It’s not that high any
more, it’s only this high. It has to be this high,
because if it stayed that high before the heavy yield
was ripe the stalk broke. So they had to create one
that only grew about two foot with a thick stem to hold
the heavy yield of grain. 1969, Dr. Norman Borlaug got a Nobel Prize for his hybridized wheat. 1970, notice the time frame,
1970 this wheat went worldwide. So by the 1990s every cereal,
bread, cake, pie, pizza, pasta, what’s it made out of? The hybridized wheat. But what was never
addressed was the effect of that hybridized wheat on the gut. So what I want to show you now is what it did to the starch, that’s where it’s particularly pertinent in the area of diabetes, and
as you’ll see, heart disease. So amylopectin-A is the name of the starch that was created in the
hybridization process. Amylopectin-A gets the
blood sugar level up very high, very fast, and
then a corresponding low. Let me give you something
to compare it with. Amylopectin-B is found
in bananas and potatoes, and if you’re familiar
with bananas and potatoes on the glycemic index,
they’re fairly high. So the bananas and the
potatoes, the amylopectin-B, it’s not as quick, not as high,
not as fast, you see there? Actually not as low, either,
so we’ll go up about there. So that’s your B, and that’s your A. Something else to compare
it to is amylopectin-C. Amylopectin-C is found in
legumes, that’s chickpeas, lima beans, black-eyed
beans, cannelloni beans. That gives a nice steady rise, maintains a nice steady deliverance, and then a nice steady drop. What does every cell in our body want? It wants a steady delivery of fuel. Understanding what amylopectin-A does, let me show you how this
affects the glycemic index. Are you familiar with the
glycemic index of foods? That’s how quickly the glucose in the food is released into the blood. Let me give you, your baseline is 55, so anything under 55 glycemic
index is considered low. So your cherries, cherries are about 26. Grapefruit, that sits at about 25. So people with diabetes,
they’re good fruits because they’re low GI,
slow release of glucose. Sugar, where does sugar sit? Whether it’s white or brown
or tan or dark brown, it’s 59. Now that’s not a surprise. Now your white bread, white cereals, so let’s say the white
wheat, the refined wheat, it sits at 69. Do you know what that means? A slice of white bread will
get the blood sugar level up higher than a lolly. Why? It’s because of the amylopectin-A. Remember that type of
starch that was created in the intensive cross breeding? I’m glad you’re sitting down because the next piece of
information is shocking. Wholemeal. Wholemeal wheat, 72. (crowd groans)
How could that be? Well because it’s not refined it has more amylopectin-A
in it, can you see that? Do you know what that means? That wholemeal bread on
your glycemic index is even worse than white. Now please don’t quote
me as saying Barbara says white bread’s better than brown, okay? (crowd laughs)
Please. (laughs) Regarding the gut, the wholemeal is better because you’ve got the fiber,
you’ve got more B vitamins, but regarding the starch. When I presented this at
one of our health retreats, a lady began to cry. I said, “Why are you crying?” She said, “I’m a diabetic,
I’m type two diabetes. “I was diagnosed at 65, I’m now 69. “I do everything they tell
me, I have wholemeal bread, “wholemeal pasta, I have wholemeal cereal; “and every six months I go to the doctor “and he puts me on more insulin.” And what’s the definition of insanity? To do what you’ve always done
and expect different results. She said, “I’m crying tears of joy “because you have just solved the puzzle. “And I’m crying tears
of frustration because “I don’t do what the
lady down the road does. “She has chocolates and lollies and pizza “and (laughs) cheesecakes,
I don’t do that.” What’s every diabetic told to eat? Whole grain? Whole grain bread, whole grain cereal. Why, why? What does Australia grow a lot of? Wheat, so what are they gonna tell you? Eat wheat, mm-hm. And so this is explaining,
this is not an epidemic, this is a pandemic. Do you know what it said
on the news two weeks ago? Every four minutes in Australia another diabetic is diagnosed. That’s crazy. And if you look at that
time frame by the 1990s all the wheat we’re eating is hybridized. So we’re looking at one
of the first two things you’ve got to stop to conquer diabetes and that is the refined sugar
and the hybridized wheat. So what do you eat? Spelt, spelt is, and on
Friday night when I look at the acid-alkaline, I’m gonna show you what happened to the gluten
structure of the wheat. But spelt and kamut, they
have not been hybridized so they don’t contain that amylopectin-A. If you want to pursue
this a little bit more, there’s a book called Wheat
Belly by Dr. William Davis and he explores this subject
and will explain it to you. So there are some things
that you’ve got to stop to control diabetes. These two head the list, plus caffeine. Caffeine gets an insulin response. One of the reasons why
some diabetic nurses aren’t advising that, because what
are they drinking themselves? (crowd chuckles)
Mm-hm. Dairy. Now I’m not talking about
Lulabelle in the paddock who’s eating organic grass
and gets milked and drunk, that’s been happening
for centuries all through the Northern European countries, and it hasn’t caused diabetes. See today the milk is altered. Today the cows are
given, do you know 80% of the antibiotics that
are made go to animals? But what happens with the dairy when it breaks down in the gut, and the current figures,
this was in the newspaper, that 60% of Australians
cannot handle dairy. Now if we change that to organic raw milk it’d bring it down to probably 30%. They can’t break down those
large globules in their gut. So what’s happening is molecules
are getting into the blood that shouldn’t be in there. Let’s say the molecules
that are broken down from the dairy look like that. So what happens now, the
body creates antibodies; let’s say this is an antibody; to actually wipe that out. So they wipe out the antibodies,
and then they look across and the beta cells in the
pancreas have a similar structure. So these antibodies that
were created to wipe out those molecules broken
down from the dairy, they come over and start wiping out the beta cells in the pancreas. It is in that way that the dairy is contributing to the diabetes. How many people in Australia
wake up to those four? Isn’t it true that many do? Not realizing the danger, many
are sick through ignorance. So to conquer diabetes these
four things have to stop. Number two, another important point in conquering diabetes is hydration. The hardest time to drink
water is in the cold weather, is that right? Well then boil the kettle
and make it hot water. Put a squeeze of lemon with it. You’ve just got to find
out some way to get it in, because your pancreas needs
water to make these hormones that control your blood glucose levels. In fact, if someone’s blood glucose levels are going down and they
take a glass of water, do you know that that
will cause a release, or the body to help
release some of the glucose to bring it up a little bit. But not only hydration
which is approximately eight glasses a day, but also salt. Now it is at this point that
I’d like to explain salt because this will also help
with the blood pressure. So your sea water has 92 minerals, and of those 92 minerals, 30% is sodium. Can you see how God meant
us to be having sodium with all the other
minerals to buffer it out? 50% is chloride. Because these make up the
largest amount of minerals, when the first crystals are formed when the sea water’s evaporated, when the water’s evaporated
from the sea water, sodium chloride, so they scoop that up, no time to wait for the
rest to be evaporated. Bleach it white, put aluminum with it, there’s your table salt. Table salt has two minerals. Yes it is true that table salt will help the blood pressure to
go up because it causes a mineral imbalance in
and out of the cell. You see the highest
concentration of mineral inside the cell is potassium, and the highest concentration
outside the cell is sodium. So when these are taken
in these high amounts it causes an imbalance. The doctor’s right. Table salt will get the blood pressure up. And so will no salt,
because your cells need that little bit of salt. So my suggestion is to
take the Celtic salt. The Celtic salt contains 82 minerals, and the Himalayan salt,
it contains 75 minerals. One of the beauties of the Celtic salt is it has three magnesiums, and
magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and magnesium relaxes that heart at rest. Doctor de Langre is a French doctor who’s written a whole book on salt. If someone comes to him
with high blood pressure, he puts them straight on Celtic salt. If they’re not used to
any salt, start small, start very small and then
little by little ease it in. In Matthew chapter five verse
13 it says in the Bible, the salt of the Earth, if
the salt hath lost its savor wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for
nothing but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men. Old English, how I love the Old English. What does it mean, the
salt hath lost its savor? I’d like to suggest to you that table salt has lots its savor. It’s lost all the other minerals. And what does the Bible say? It’s now good for nothing
but to be cast out and trodden under foot of men. So stop the refined salt. So you can see how the high blood pressure and the diabetes, they’re sort of (laughs) lapping over here
because the same things affect them all. What else is important is exercise. Specifically the high-intensity
interval training, the high intensity interval training. Intervals of high intensity. For the high intensity,
most of the research shows 30 seconds. That’s not long. Did you try it today? Most of the research has
been done on exercise bikes. Exercise bike’s easy, you’re holding on if you’re a little unstable. If you’ve got knee, joint, ankle, hip, the exercise bike is a lot easier. We went cycling this afternoon, such fun. 30 seconds high intensity
and then a recovery time of about 90 seconds,
and that is usually done for a cycle of six. That’s your ideal. If you can’t do that,
that’s perfectly fine, just work up to it. If your high intensity is seven seconds, and if your recovery is about 10 minutes, that’s perfectly fine. You just start with where you’re at. Now what this does, it
increases the circulation of the blood to the skin in a mighty way, but not only the skin; to the pancreas, it increases the circulation
of the blood to the heart, it actually strengthens that heart muscle. When you do the exercise,
you cause the blood to come out to the extremities which takes pressure off the heart, and it strengthens the heart. So you cannot conquer high blood pressure unless you exercise. You cannot conquer diabetes
unless you exercise. You’ve just got to find out
what works well for you. If you can’t do the exercise bike, the easiest is the rebounder. If your balance isn’t
good, grab onto a chair, grab onto something. And if you can’t bounce,
just start with this. Just little tiny jigging. Just start where you’re at. If that seems over the top
for you, that’s alright, you’re not there yet. It might take you six months or a year, you don’t have to do that now. But you just start where you’re at. I love that piece of
information the lady gave us, walking for half an hour after
every meal, did you get that? Reduces diabetes by 50%. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. It’s not genetics and it’s not the germ, it’s actually what you do to your body. Even if you were born with
a weakened pancreatic gene, you need never go there,
you need never pull the gun. Most people don’t realize
the dramatic effect these things have on the body. Your cells are reviving and
recharging while you sleep and the hours of power are
between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. unless you’re happening to be attending a seminar for a week. (crowd laughs) So it won’t hurt for you to
miss half an hour for one week. I think it’s only, what is
it, only a couple of weeks and it’ll be 10 and three
because of Daylight Saving? These are the hours
your batteries recharge. These are the hours that
healing intensifies. This is the hours where your brain does a little bit of housecleaning. So conquering anything in your
body, no matter what it is, it’s important to sleep in those hours except for this week.
(clears throat) (crowd laughs) So that’s when we should be sleeping. Can’t sleep? Just lie there, have all the lights off, and thank God for all the
wonderful things in your life. One lady said, “I haven’t
got any wonderful things,” I said, “I noticed you’ve got two legs, “I met a man with no legs.” (crowd laughs) There’s always something
to be thankful for, and I’m sure you sleep in a
comfortable bed every night, you’re not out in a ditch
and it’s pouring rain and a car just ran over you. There’s always something to
be thankful for, isn’t there? My friend’s got an orphanage in Africa, when we visited a few years
ago I said to the kids, “Do you like it here?” They said, “Yeah, we’ve got a bed.” A bed, they haven’t got a
pillow, they’ve got a bed. (laughs) They’re so happy. Are you happy that you’ve got a bed? It’s all relative, isn’t it? There’s one thing that
will stop you sleeping. Two things, actually, blue light, screens. Don’t allow yourself to touch them (laughs) in those hours. You’ve got study to do, well
do it at three in the morning. Mm-hm, and the other
thing is getting annoyed. If you get annoyed with the
fact that you cannot sleep, you will not sleep. That’s why you’ve got to lie there and have the attitude of gratitude. Thank you father in heaven
that I cannot sleep. (crowd laughs) Now a certain church have
graciously allowed me to speak on Saturday morning,
and at 9:30 I think it is on Saturday morning, I’m going to show you how you can rewire your brain. I’m gonna show you how
your brain can get younger as you get older, doesn’t that sound good? So you can rewire it. But doesn’t cholesterol
cause heart disease? Do you know there’s no proof? No proof, no proof that
saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease, if you
find it, please email me. You see, the liver makes cholesterol and the liver makes
cholesterol according to the body’s demands. In fact, Dr. Malcolm
Kendrick, he’s a cardiologist, he wrote a book called
The Great Cholesterol Con. He’s scathing in that book
on this so-called theory. It’s a myth that saturated
fat and cholesterol cause heart disease. There’s no proof. In fact, Ancel Keys in 1953
first put forth the theory, and in his own words he
said we’re pretty sure the research will come. Well, it’s 2018 and it still hasn’t come. So what did they do to get
heart disease to reduce? Stop the fat. Has it helped? No. Ah, stop the butter and eat margarine. Has that reduced heart disease? No. I know, put everyone, as many as possible, on cholesterol-lowering medication. Has that stopped heart disease? Nope. It’s still the number one killer. Your brain loves fat,
it loves cholesterol, and the fattiest and
highest-cholesterol food on the planet is breast milk,
are they gonna ban that? (crowd laughs) And are babies having heart attacks? The baby must have that, otherwise the brain
won’t develop properly. Your liver makes cholesterol
according to the needs, and in my next lecture
when I talk about the liver I’m going to explore that in more detail, I’ll have more time in my next lecture. I’ve made some fairly
wild statements there, but I’m gonna give you a lot
of proof in my next lecture. I’m gonna use science, I’m
gonna use common sense, and I’m gonna use history. They’re the three things
that we can rely on because you’ve probably
seen on the internet you can find research to
support anything, is that right? But you can’t argue with history. You can’t, hopefully,
argue with common sense, and you’ve got basic science. That’s what I’ve shown you
here is the basic science. So let me tell you about Bobby Lieberman. He was a man in his 60s who came to our health retreat in Alabama. He said, “I’ve spent one
million dollars on my health “in the last 10 years.” Not hard to do in America. He came to us, he was a little overweight and he was in a wheelchair. You see recently the doctors had cut out some lymph nodes in his
groin to try and find out why he had diabetes, I
don’t understand that. But because he’d flown to us,
his legs were all swollen, he was in a wheelchair. He’d just spent a lot of
money on expensive bandages. He was on medication for blood pressure, he was on medication for diabetes, 90 units of insulin a day,
short and long acting. He was on cholesterol-lowering medication. He was on blood thinning medication. So when he came to us he said, “Anything you say, I will do.” So I said, “You won’t need the bandages.” And I got him to walk barefoot
on the grass every morning, wonderful exercise for the feet. I got him to get on the
rebounder for one minute every hour, it’s the best
lymphatic cleanser and mover, and that swollen legs
were lymphatic fluid. He started to eat a very
low carbohydrate diet. So what did he eat? Number five, and six, he ate high fiber. Where’s your high fiber? All your plant foods
are very high in fiber, particularly the vegetables. Generous amounts of
protein, so at every meal he had some legumes, he had some nuts, and he had some seeds. And he had healthy fats,
what are healthy fats? They’re fats as they came
from the hand of the creator. So there’s your nuts and your seeds, and the two oils that are extracted from the flesh of the plant is your olive oil and your coconut oil. They’re concentrated
foods, you don’t need much. He had a little bit with his meal. And basically all the food he
was eating was low GI foods. So instead of potato
he’d have sweet potato, instead of banana he’d
have cherries, grapefruit. He was very excited because he didn’t use his bandages all week,
he was starting to walk more and more. He was with us for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks
he was on 10 units of insulin instead of 90. Just incredible. He emailed me three months later. He said, “I’m off all my medication.” All. He’d been diagnosed type one diabetes. He said, “I’m off all my medication.” He said, “I’m eating a very
low carbohydrate diet.” He said, “I eat a little. “I’ll have a little rice,
I’ll have a little millet. “I have legumes every day.” He said, “I have breakfast like a king, “lunch like a queen, and
I don’t eat at night.” Did you hear that? He’s a diabetic and he’s
eating two meals a day. What do they tell you to eat? Every, you’ll see tomorrow night that the stomach likes to have
eat and then have a break, it doesn’t like to eat all day long. He said, “I am swimming 30 laps a day.” 62, he said, “I am cycling six miles a day “and I rebound for a few
minutes three times a day. “I’m drinking two liters of water a day.” He said, “My doctors are astonished.” He spent a million dollars in the last 10 years, incredible. He conquered his high blood pressure, he conquered his diabetes, just with these simple lifestyle changes, what an amazing body we live in. It can heal us if we give
it the right conditions. So at three months when he’d emailed me, he said, “I’ve lost 20 kilos in weight.” He said, “It’s like I’m
not even on a diet.” (laughs) He said, “I’m eating so
well, I’m never hungry.” As you’ll see tomorrow
night, these three foods keep the food in the stomach longer, your fiber, your protein, and your fats. I’m going to give everyone a break now. When we come back after the break, we’re gonna be looking at the
liver, your project manager. So please have a break, I think there are some drinks and tea. (“Amazing Grace” by John Newton)

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  1. I love Barbara very much and i appreciate her vast knowledge. I was on a high carbohydrate diet for more than 20 years. I must admit i never felt well (that's why i changed my diet 5 years ago) but i was never fat either. Many nutritionusts are saying that carbs makes one fat and yet was never true for me. What's the explanation ?

  2. Why have Asians been healthy for centuries (a rice based diet) but when they eat the American high fat diet, they become unhealthy? Is it really the carbs?

  3. I'M 87 and I have recovered from so many physical problems w/the help of holistic practitioners, but I have neglected my diet. I'm a celiac, the gene thing w/ my inability for the body to do the MTHFRing thing , so I've had to diet, but I have cheated on the non dairy ice creams and candies (knowing that's not good) got the jock itch real bad and itchy legs and finally hit me-diabetes coming into. You have touched me so much with your realness soul. God bless!

  4. Just like other muslims? Oh! so now all muslims are suddenly ignorant and egoist! I hate to say this but there's only one word that comes to my mind. PATHETIC! From next time onwards stop commenting on someone's pronunciation. There are so many comments about Barbara O'neill but it's just yours that is the odd one out. Do something productive and stop coming up with barren thoughts. Barking? God! You have reduced yourself to such words now? Pity on you….

  5. She needs to learn about fructose being the primary sugar in fruits (cherries – grapefruit). Fructose doesn't need insulin to enter the cells making it a superior sugar with no potential to cause diabetes That is why I am a fruitarian and don't listen to experts.

  6. Dr. Killmore does not like your lectures. He has never lost a patient and only found most of them died due to his prescriptions. He said most people have a gambling disease call Die-or-bet-it . Weird Huh. His favorite song is, "God Heals and I collect the bill" If you die under his care he just calls it an abortion because it sounds like a good medical approach nowadays and does not scare people.

  7. The greatest number of deaths are caused by hospitals, patent drugs, and doctors pushing their uses / and they do this with impunity. they have laws passes , that they can not be sued for death do to this travesty they have imposed on humanity

  8. What about Redmond sea salt? Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching information video on health ūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹūüĎćūüŹĹ

  9. BREAD used to mean MEAT back in the old days!
    But this is a crock of shit!! Veggies, fruits, grains, beans, nuts and seeds are all CRAP!! They contain lectins, oxalates, purines and other toxins that are Not good for human consumption. Eating these on a temporary basis is ok, but if you keep it up, it will HARM your health. Do your research and stop listening to these mis-informed so called gurus!!

  10. Very   honorable  Dr.  Barbara   O'Neill     you  are     wonderful  &  perfect   in  everything  you  teach  us   I   appreciate  so  much  your  knowledge  &  your  great  willing  to  help  people.  Please  be  so  kind  to  help  me  I  have  osteoarthritis  my  knees  are  painful  &  in  addition  to  this  I  have  a  problem  with  the  Achiless  tendon.  Please  write  me  what  to  do   with  all  this  I  want  to  walk  as    I  did  it  half  a  year  ago.  Best  wishes  &  blessings  to  you  dear. Wishing  you  A  very  Happy  New  Year.  Thanks  in  advance.   Erica  from  Israel.

  11. — Eating too often and overloading the pancreas with insulin being pumped out too often ! …( causes fat storage mode ) also causes a sick fatty liver ,¬†weight gain and diabetes ,¬†heart disease and Cancer .

    I have been doing this. low carb + fast. re-fill glycogen with carbs as per your physical activity. not exactly rocket science.

    Fruits are 30-50% " fructose" , which goes straight to the liver ! , can't go into muscle glycogen, and turns to fat if liver is full. just be mindful of that. Also all fruits are hybridized and have way too much sugar, minimize consumption. I personally skip grains,fruit ,starch like potatoes..

    ….I eat veggies and grass fed meat , lamb or goat and I take two spoons of coconut oil a day to with a cup of coffee to calm down hunger spangs !…and I also take 1500 mg. L-Tyrosine to keep the thyroid healthy ,Also I take 3000 mg of vitamin C —

    The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Paperback ‚Äď April 3, 2018
    by Jason Fung (Author), Nina Teicholz (Foreword)



  12. Wow! That free-hand circle was so perfectly drawnūüĎć
    Barbara you're the best teacher! Thanks to you that I'm learning a lot! God bless you.

  13. So brown rice is ok I guess? I know wild rice is considered a seed so that's ok. Brown rice is good but not white rice????

  14. You lost me. Fat is ok to eat, but glucose is bad because it turns into fat?? Fat is good but fat is bad that’s why glucose is bad because fat is bad but also fat is good?

  15. I dont get why it would cause sugar to go down mine goes up in thd morning ect w no food even if I ate lettuce w oil and vinegar w chicken the night before.

  16. As a head nurse from Weimar Institute I would like to update you to update on fat research in the diet. We have put out this research since 1978. We serve a whole food, plant based diet with no oil, and get 84% reversal of diabetes in 18 days. Watch No Oil on You tube. None of our health centers for reversal of lifestyle diseases use oil. Of course we teach them to refrain from sugar and processed food. Watch you tube videos by Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Bernard, Dr. Goldhammer, Dr. Greger, Dr. Ornish. The glycemic index is not the end all argument. You can take courses on Dr. McDougall's website to update.

  17. Contrarily we have long long been accustom to grain since the Sumerians. No you have a genetic issue, aggravated by carbs , because of the defect. Hybrid has little to do with anything.

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  19. Great, great presentation. Only one fact question. There was no starvation in Mexico in the 1950's related to wheat. Mexico is a corn based society not wheat. Mexico's population in 1950 was approximately 28 million in a country with half the land mass of the United States. Mexico is the country where based on its soil and water the native populations developed corn, squash, tomotoes, chiles, avocados, beans, chocolate and vanilla. Plenty to eat.

  20. diabetes and cancer are definitely linked. as I studied both, i discovered that EVERY supplement, vitamin, mineral, herb, that worked in treatment of diabetes also worked for treatment of cancer and vice versa. YOUR doctor knows the answer, it's called METABOLIC syndrome, but your doctor is not going to tell you.

  21. Hi Barbra I'm Valentina. I study holistic medicine. I found studies that show refined white sugar is not the cause of diabetes. Fat is the cause of diabetes because the fat blocks the resepters of the cells. What's your opinion?

  22. Many ancient civilizations lived on corn and wheat products. The difference being that their grains were not hybridized and they didn't eat a lot of cookies and cakes and their flour was not stripped of nutrients and and bleached out with sawdust added the way it is done today.

  23. I've been diagnosed with prediabetes 3 months ago, my fasting blood glucose was 6.8, i exercise regularly in the gym , i have normal weight and about 10% body fat, @ about 187lbs of weight on 6'3'' height // my other blood parameters are perfect ! For two months i decreased my carbs 2x and increased protein and fats, after two months , i tested my fasting blood glucose, and, NOTHING ! It's still the same 6.8 ! Now i'm testing a diet with no more than 100 grams of carbs , and these are carbs from low calorie fruits , vegetables , nuts and seeds.. If my blood glucose remains borderline diabetic (and i'm afraid it will) than this theory is incorrect .. We will see , but it's amazing that decreasing carbs that much did nothing absolutely !

  24. Sorry, Barbara, I don't agree with your idea about fats. A fatty diet damages the endothelium lining of the arteries, that leads to scarring and the formation of plaque. Cholesterol is not the source of the problem, but it becomes a problem when the endothelium is damaged.

  25. Diabetes got nothing to do with diet and everything to do with stress (caused by foul game play and related, inhumane people with an agenda See my series on The Underlying Conditions of Disease where I discuss the foul game play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nxUl19yZU0&list=PL0vGp6lNGae1V9U4CmtAI0qAuxWZ2DzEg).

    With stress the liver dumps more sugar into the blood stream and the cells don't want to take it up because they got enough for what they need already. When this situation happens over time the cells change some of their receptors to reject some of the insulin. It's called insulin resistance.

  26. https://www.gofundme.com/legal-defence-for-barbara-o039neillPlease spread the world and help Barbara. She needs all the help she can get. God help you Barbara and deliver you from this battle

  27. Thank you for your knowledge. I am a high carb eater, I know why now I can't lose weight. I am not overweight but id love to lose at least 5 kilos. Though I am a vegan


  29. Had blood pressure…..on the other hand they told me my heart was pausing….was so scared …..they put me on medications……what i did i change my diet to vegetarian…..stopped taking cabs instead i deed green juice…..my blood pressure went down …..my heart was normal…..for real what makes us sick is food

  30. Hey Barbara, Thank you for all your wisdom. I enjoy every subject you cover.
    I would like to know what your opinion is concerning 'plastics' in the ocean and therefore also in the seasalt.

  31. Just to not Confuse your excellent Lecture & your Audience – CANELLONI Are a type of filled Pasta – CANELLINI are a type of White Pulse Beans.

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