Diabetes:  DJ’s Story (Type 2)
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Diabetes: DJ’s Story (Type 2)

September 10, 2019

Hi, I’m DJ. I’m 15. And I’ve had diabetes
for a year and a half. I like listening to music,
hanging with my friends, walking around town, reading. It’s all fun. I was gaining weight rapidly. It’d be like 30 or
40 pounds in a year. When I found out
I had diabetes, I felt worried because I didn’t
know what was going to happen. I wasn’t sure if I would
have to go to hospital, or had to give myself shots,
or anything like that. They actually just
gave me medication to regulate the
blood sugar levels. My diabetes team
taught me to cut back on some of the high
carb, high sugar foods. Try eating more whole grain. I’m actually
surprised that I like eating more fruits
and vegetables then sweets and stuff like that. I’ve actually tried to
get fruits at least three, four, five times a day. I’ve noticed that I feel
a lot more energized know that I’m eating better. My whole family did get
on board with helping me. And they actually
changed their diets too. Exercise has actually been a
challenge to try and fit in. Me and my family have had to cut
some things from our schedule– work some things around
in order for us actually to put more exercise
into the schedule. We’ll go to the gym
together or I’ll go out walking my friends–
we’ll walk around. I think the
exercises that I like doing the most would be cardio
exercises– walking, running, doing the treadmill. I’ve actually started
doing yoga also. It’s pretty fun. I’m trying to work on
losing more weight. I’ve actually lost about 10
pounds since I’ve started. I’m very optimistic
about getting there. It’s going to be an
interesting journey I think.

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