Diabetes Depression, Blame, and Shame: How to end it
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Diabetes Depression, Blame, and Shame: How to end it

December 6, 2019

what’s going on guys it’s Shawn from
diabetic fighter calm and in this video I discuss guilt and shame after being
diagnosed as diabetic okay so guilt and shame are something
that I have personally felt after being diagnosed why did this happen to me is
it my fault what did I do you know you feel shameful to tell people that you’re
a diabetic at first I wanted to read to you a post from a type-2 diabetic that
says anyone have an enormous amount of guilt after being diagnosed I spent
hours crying and getting angry at myself about my diagnosis I was pre-diabetic
and I’m an idiot I didn’t change and now I’m stuck
I lost I’m young and I feel like my life is over
even well-managed my life will be shorter harder and full of complications
any advice or help would be great it sucks hearing someone feeling like that
but I’m sure all of us can relate the advice that I gave to this person was
that you are in full control okay type 2 diabetes is extremely extremely
treatable as is type 1 is extremely manageable and type 2 is even reversible
okay you are in full control but we have to get in full control of our nutrition
before we can take control of our diabetes the first step would be to
create a food journal for three days so we can evaluate where the blood sugar
spikes are coming from so we’re the carbohydrate where the sugar is
essentially in your diet from there do a full sugar detox for five to seven days
completely rid yourself from sugar introduced healthy fats to replace most
carbohydrates had protein to every single meal and snack and after a few
days just start walking every day just start doing a little something to move
your body and start feeling better about yourself but those are the steps to take
acts fully take control we have a fantastic
support group on this page as well as the private community of diabetic
fighters any of you guys that feel guilt or shame please join the private group
or message me or message or post on the board you’re not alone we’re all in this
fight together it’s not your fault it’s not your fault you’re diabetic but you
can change the situation you’re in so I just want to bring positivity and
motivation to all of you and I hope that I am doing that if you like this video
and like to learn more about how I eat to beat diabetes click the signup button
up above or the link below in youtube put in your email and I’ll send you an
invite to the group have a great day

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