Diabetes And Exercises As Remedy : Exercises for Diabetics (Video)
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Diabetes And Exercises As Remedy : Exercises for Diabetics (Video)

October 29, 2019

00:14 Diabetes continues to plague our society.
The good news is 00:17 it doesn’t have to. So stay tuned and
let’s open up those 00:20 receptor sites.
00:22 � � 00:47 Hello, I’m Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
at the Black Hills 00:50 Health and Education Center. Welcome
to Body and Spirit. 00:52 Diabetes is a problem that we face as
Americans and it really 00:57 is kind of isolated to us because we
have this diet that 01:00 encouraged diabetes and it starts out
when we’re very 01:03 young. Even a lot of dairy consumption
can start somebody 01:06 off on a type 1 diabetic problem The
proteins in milk are very 01:11 similar to the Islets of Langerhans
of the pancreas 01:14 which produce insulin and so the body
is fighting against 01:17 those milk proteins and goes after the
pancreatic enzymes 01:20 as well. That we don’t want. And then
later on in life we 01:23 get to a point where we still have insulin
being produced 01:26 but yet it’s not receptive anymore or
the cells aren’t 01:29 receptive to it and the result is that
we get into a diabetic 01:32 situation. So we’re going to talk about
how to reverse 01:35 that and to keep it away. Right now
we’re going to get started 01:39 on our exercise out today will be Kye
and Luther. Kye lives 01:44 out there in Hermosa and Luther is a
student at Tamarack Springs 01:48 Academy in Polebridge, Montana. So we’re
going to start by 01:52 loosening up and let’s just stretch
up and bring the arms 01:56 around nice and slow. Bring them around.
Let’s go up again 02:02 way up high and then bring it around
and down and bring it 02:07 way up high and around and down. Now
let’s go the other direction 02:14 And we’re going to come up and around.
Try and reach way up. 02:18 If you feel like you’re limited in mobility
then just go where 02:22 you can. Otherwise, try and get as much
range of motion as you 02:28 can. Way up and around. Way up and around
and let’s go two 02:35 more times. Up and around, last one,
up and around. Good. 02:41 Now in order to help people with diabetes
we need to do lots of 02:45 repetitions. So we’re going to do that
today. You guys will 02:47 have a great time doing it. We’re going
to start by working 02:50 our chest area. We’re going to squeeze
here and I want you to 02:55 push down, bring it back up, push down,
bring it back up. 02:59 You guys keep going; I want 30 of those.
You count them out 03:02 for me, Kye and I’m going to make sure
we’re doing them 03:04 them nice and tight. I shouldn’t be
able to pull your hands 03:07 apart. Squeeze them hard. You don’t
want to let me pull your 03:10 hands apart. That’s better, that’s better.
I don’t even 03:13 know if I want to try this guy. Yeah.
I knew his would be nice 03:16 and snug. Pull them in there. Focus
on the chest while you’re 03:19 doing the work. You should feel it right
in through here as 03:22 you’re pushing down. Each time you do
an exercise you want to 03:26 focus on the muscles you’re working.
As we’re working those 03:29 muscles, we’re going to opening up those
receptor sites to those 03:32 muscle cells that are going to be calling
for that glucose to 03:36 come in. And that will help the body
very much. In fact, we 03:39 find when we work people out their blood
sugar drops 03:43 significantly after a good weight work
out. How many are 03:46 you on there, Kye. Seventeen.
03:48 Seventeen of them. We’re going to do a lot of repetitions
03:50 because as we keep those muscles going we’re going to get some
03:53 really good benefit for that. If you have to stop at home,
03:57 then go ahead and do so. I know these guys are nice and young
04:00 so they can keep going for a long time. Smile guys, you’re
04:03 having a good time. All right pump up that chest a little bit.
04:07 Now at home you can do similar exercise. If you want to use
04:11 dumbbells, you can lie on your back and press the dumbbells up.
04:14 This just gives a modification of it. We’re just trying to get
04:17 the pressure on our chest and get range of motion at the same
04:20 time. Kye’s giving himself a good workout; he’s already
04:23 starting to tremble. How many repetitions have we got now
04:26 Kye? Twenty-nine. Twenty-nine, one more time. And now we’re
04:28 we’re going to switch to the upper mode. We’re going to push
04:32 up like this now. We’re going to make those chest muscles
04:35 nice and tired. The chest is a major muscle group of the upper
04:41 body so we need to put a lot of emphasis on it. There are a
04:45 lot of muscle cells there and they’re going to be with their
04:49 mouths wide open. Not your mouth wide open, Luther.
04:54 That’s better. And way up. Imagine the cells having like
04:59 door bells on them and the insulin is coming through
05:03 ringing the doorbells. Unfortunately in somebody who’s
05:07 diabetic the doorbells have an out of order sign on it, but
05:11 when you have a good healthy cells and the insulin’s coming
05:15 through, ring the doorbell and the cell will open the door and
05:19 the more you exercise, the more receptor sites you get, but if
05:23 you don’t exercise guess what happens to those receptor sites?
05:27 They go away; that’s right. How many are we on, Kye. Twenty.
05:32 That’s 21. Okay very good. Starting to feel
05:36 it Luther. I sure am. 05:37 Okay reach way up, way up. Reach way
up, make those arms 05:42 work. Squeeze them together. Feel it
in your chest. Push way 05:48 up and way up. How many more have we
got, Kye? Four more. 05:54 One more. Push it way up. Okay and relax
it. Now we want to 05:58 stretch those muscles out, so put your
hands behind your head 06:05 and lie back. Stretch your chest hold
it back there. Very good. 06:11 And now we’re going to give ourselves
a hug. Reach across, 06:17 pull your shoulder blades apart. Hold
it steady. Wrap around. 06:22 Smile guys, you’re having a good time.
All right, pull it apart, 06:29 pull it apart. Okay now, hands behind
the head again. Push way 06:35 back, way back there, push, push stretch,
feel that stretch. 06:41 Breathe, get that air into your lungs.
Now bring it across, pull 06:47 the shoulder blades apart. All right,
very good, very good. 06:51 A few more seconds there and now we’re
going to switch and 06:54 we’re going to work the back area. What
we’re going to do is 06:57 we’re going to reach up like we’re grabbing
a bar. We’re 07:01 going to pull it down and then reach
back up. And again we’re 07:06 going to do 30 of them, Kye. Okay. All
right you guys keep 07:10 going. It’s very important when you
do pulldowns, if you’re 07:14 using a machine, you want to pull it
down to the upper chest 07:17 pull it down to the front. Don’t pull
it down behind your head 07:21 If you pull it down behind your head
then you can affect the 07:25 brachial plexus nerve network that comes
off the cervical 07:28 vertebrae and you want to avoid that.
So pull down to the 07:32 front. Do not pull down behind your
head. Very, very important. 07:35 So they’re simulating a pulldown to
the front. You’re doing the 07:39 work on the way down. Pull it down.
Think about squeezing 07:43 those shoulder blades together, squeeze
your shoulder blades 07:47 together. That’s very important especially
for you ladies. What 07:52 I find is the upper thoracic area, the
upper thoracic 07:55 vertebrae is the area for women that
becomes really, 07:58 really weakened, especially later on,
and that will cause 08:01 them to start to have the stooped posture,
the dowager’s 08:04 hump, a thing that we don’t want them
to have and so working the 08:07 area, squeezing the shoulder blades
together is very 08:10 beneficial for all those muscles up
in that area. Where are we 08:16 at, Kye? That’s 23. Okay, got 7 more
to go. There’s 1 and 2, 08:21 squeeze the back, pull it strong elbows
way back, squeeze it. 08:28 Very good and pull. How many more. Two
more. Two, pull it 08:34 down. One more time. Now we’re going
to bend over, reach out 08:38 and we’re going to pull back from this
position now. We’ll 08:43 just do 20 of these. Pull way back,
way back, squeeze it, 08:47 roll it forward, squeeze it back roll
it forward, pull it back, 08:53 then forward. Push your scapulae out
as far as you can 08:58 as you come forward, cramp them back
together as you pull back. 09:02 Push them out, draw them back, push
them out, draw them back. 09:08 Put on a smile, draw back, reach out,
draw back, reach out, hold 09:13 and contract, reach out, pull back,
reach out. How many more, 09:18 Kye? Reach out. This is 14. Fourteen,
okay we’ve got 6 to 09:26 go. There’s 1 and 2 and 3, 4, reach
out, 5, one more time, 09:32 and 6. Very good. Now let’s stretch
those muscles. We do 09:38 so by bringing the arm up over the head.
Grab a hold of your 09:43 elbow. There you go, just reach on over
the top here. No you’re 09:47 fine. Grab there and pull. You just
feel it right in through 09:52 here. Feel that? Very good. Okay we’re
going to hold each stretch 09:58 for about 10-15 seconds. So we’re just
about ready to switch 10:04 over. Let’s go ahead and do so now.
Switch your arms and pull. 10:11 Very good. Okay, we’re going to hold
that for 5 more seconds. 10:16 Good steady stretch. Keep breathing
guys and keep smiling. 10:20 All right. Put them down. Now we’re
going to go into some 10:24 shoulder exercise. We’ll start by raising
them out to the side. 10:28 We’re just going to do some nice lateral
raises here. With no 10:31 weight, you can use weights if you want
to. The more weight 10:35 you put on there the more you’re going
to encourage those 10:38 muscles to open up. When you do a good
resistance workout 10:42 your body is actually burning calories
at a higher rate for 10:45 about the next 5-6 hours, so it’s very
beneficial to fatigue 10:49 those muscles. Aerobic workouts where
you’re doing rhythmic 10:53 activity of a major muscle group are
also very beneficial for 10:57 diabetes and it’s part of the equation
but nothing pushes 11:01 glucose into the cells like weight training
exercise because 11:04 that’s it main function is to burn glucose.
So your muscles 11:08 are screaming for glucose as you go
through this process. In fact 11:12 as you’re going through you might actually
feel some burning 11:15 of the muscles while you’re doing it
and that’s letting you 11:18 know that, Wow, we need some more energy
down here. Are you 11:21 starting to feel any burning yet Okay,
if you don’t you will. 11:24 Keep going and let’s do about 15 more
there, Kye. Okay. 11:30 And smile; we’re having fun. Come on,
enjoy yourselves. 11:35 Exercise is a good time, at least it
feels good when it’s 11:40 done. Keep going, up strong. How many
have we got, Kye? 11:44 This is nine. Nine, okay and there’s
10. 11:48 We’ve got 5 more to go. Reach up and
up and up. Amazing how 11:54 heavy those arms can get after awhile
isn’t it? And up and now 11:58 we’re going to come up and hold, going
to hold it out there 12:02 steady and we’re going to try and hold
them there for one 12:06 minute. Keep the palms down. Oh now
they’re smiling, okay. 12:11 Keep the palms down, keep the arms straight
and you’ll see 12:15 just how heavy your arms can become.
Now remember my arms 12:18 are heavier than yours and I’m old,
so if I can hold mine up 12:22 you guys can hold yours up. So hang
in there. We’ve gone 20 12:25 seconds. The nice thing about this is
it’ll feel really good 12:28 when you put your arms down. People
have said before, well 12:31 that’s like hitting yourself in the
head with a hammer; it feels 12:33 good when you stop. I say, no it doesn’t,
it still hurts 12:36 afterwards. Hurts the next day in fact.
I can’t find any 12:39 correlation with that. So hold them
out, keep holding them. 12:43 We got 20 seconds to go. Hang in there.
Hands starting to 12:48 shake yet? No. Well a little bit back
there. Now we’re down 12:57 to our last 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
2, 1. Oh yeah. That feels 13:03 good. All right. Now we’re going to
roll those shoulders. Lift 13:08 them way up, bring them back, lift them
way up, bring them 13:13 back, lift them up, bring them back
around, up and around, up 13:18 and around. Very good. Keep going. Up
and around. Up and 13:24 around. Ten more times. Focus on lifting
those shoulders up. 13:29 Get as much range of motion as you can.
Way up and around. 13:38 And 5 more times, 2 more. Now let’s
go to the front, up 13:47 and around. Lift them up, roll them
forward, lift them up, roll 13:57 them forward. And let’s go 10 more.
And 2 and 3 and 4, 5, 6, 14:08 7, almost done, 8, 9 and 10. Now bring
the arm across and stretch 14:16 your shoulder area. Just go ahead and
point that arm right 14:20 out there straight there, Luther, bring
it back and pull. 14:25 All right. Hold on to that. We’ve seen
people get off 14:30 massive amounts of medication in a very
short period of time. 14:34 Go ahead and switch sides. I remember
one man was injecting 14:39 insulin and his glucose level was still
250 and 10 days later 14:44 he wasn’t injecting any insulin and
it was down to 106; a real 14:49 drastic turn around. We’ve seen people
injecting insulin for 30 14:52 years 2 and 3 times a day, get totally
insulin free in just a 14:56 20-day time period. Amazing turn around.
Okay, go ahead and 15:00 relax. Start some biceps exercise. We’re
going to start. 15:03 We’re going to turn the hands out toward
the side and we’re 15:07 going to curl up like this. I want you
to do that 20 times. 15:11 Out to the side and curl it up. All
right, go ahead and count 15:15 it off, Kye, 20 times. The thing you
want to realize if you are 15:18 diabetic you’re always going to be diabetic.
A lot of times 15:22 people like to throw that word cure
around but cure would mean 15:25 if you go back to your old life style
you’re not going to have 15:27 any problems with your blood sugar.
The reality is if you 15:30 change your lifestyle, you can get rid
of the diabetes and you 15:33 can get rid of it permanently but if
you go back to that old 15:36 life style it’s going to come back and
that a harsh reality 15:39 that people oftentimes don’t want to
accept, but it’s the 15:42 way it is. How many have we got there?
Eighteen. Okay, two more 15:45 times out to the side. Okay now we’re
going to do them to the 15:48 front. We’re going to reach out and
bend over a little bit. 15:51 Squeeze back, reach out, squeeze them
back, reach out. We’ve got 15:56 to do 20 of those. Trying to get lots
of repetitions in. The more 16:01 reps we do, the more we’re calling on
those muscles cells 16:05 to cry out for the glucose. By doing
this workout on a regular 16:09 basis three times a week you’ll be amazed
at how much that 16:14 glucose level will drop down. Okay,
curl it up, reach out, 16:19 curl it up. We’re going to go 10 more
times. Squeeze the 16:23 biceps and squeeze them. If you want
to use light dumbbells 16:26 while you’re doing this you can. Squeeze
them up, and up, 5 more 16:34 times. Squeeze up, and up, two more,
flex it up, one more, flex 16:42 it up. Very good. All right shake them
out. Now I want 16:46 you to turn. You guys can stay where
you’re at. We’re going 16:50 push back like this, bend over at the
waist, push back, push 16:53 back. You’re going to be flexing the
triceps. Now keep your 16:57 elbows up as you do this. There you
go. Bend over a little more, 17:00 Luther. There that’s good. Okay look
up so they can see that 17:04 pretty face of yours there. All right.
Okay, reach way back. 17:07 Keep the elbows up a little higher.
Keep the elbows up. 17:12 Now press them right back. Press back,
way out, way out, 17:16 bend the arms, extend the arms. Extend
the arms. We’re working 17:21 the triceps area; also helping you get
ready for ski season. 17:25 Are you a skier, Kye? Snowboarder.
17:27 Snowboarder, okay, okay. Are you a skier, Luther? Both.
17:32 Okay, there’s a man who’s diversified. Okay. Now stand
17:36 up. Now we’re going to do it this way. We’re going to press
17:39 down. Press down. Each time you’re trying to flex the
17:42 muscles, flex the muscles. Give yourself some resistance. Flex
17:47 the muscles. Each time contract. Contract, contract. If you just
17:52 go through the motions, you’re not going to really feel
17:54 anything. If you flex those muscles each time, you’re going
17:57 get a good training effect. So if you just go through the
18:00 motions, you wonder why it’s not working for you, that’s
18:03 because you’re really not doing anything. I used to run a
18:06 jumping program where I could help young people increase their
18:09 jump by a foot in just a year’s time period. The parents were
18:13 sending their children out there to me and had me work with them
18:16 and they’d sit around the side lines and watch. They’d call
18:19 me up and say, little Johnny isn’t jumping any higher.
18:21 I said it’s because little Johnny hasn’t gotten off his
18:23 gluteus maximus yet. He needs to work it not sit on it. Push
18:28 down, push down. Three more times. Push down, push down,
18:33 last one and push. Good. Shake it out. Relax. Very good. Okay.
18:38 We’re going to do some lunges. Kye, lunges are good exercise.
18:42 They stimulate metabolic action. Put your hands on your hips.
18:47 You’re going to step out and go down, then push back and switch
18:51 over. Okay. When you do your lunges make sure your knee
18:55 does not go past your foot. Very important. And if you can’t
18:59 go all the way down like these fellows are doing, you can just
19:04 do a modified where you don’t come down as far. Again make
19:11 sure your foot and knee stay in line. Very good. And out, and
19:18 out. We’re going to do 20 on each side, Kye. Keep it up.
19:22 Very good. Keep your chest up. Always want to try and keep
19:26 that xyphoid process which is a little bony protuberance on the
19:29 bottom of your sternum in an up position and that puts you in
19:33 the proper position to exercise whatever exercise you’re doing.
19:36 Try and go down a little farther Luther try and lunge out a
19:41 little bit farther. That’s better. This is another good
19:45 exercise to get you ready for ski season or snowboard season,
19:48 excuse me, Kye. The stronger those legs are the more fun
19:52 you’re going to have because you’ll be able to do it longer.
19:56 All right. I know both of these fellows do a lot of mountain
20:02 climbing and so forth as well or rock climbing. I think you’ve
20:06 got more to go. I think that’s just 10 on each side. Give me
20:10 another 10 on each side starting with the left foot.
20:13 We want to make sure every body gets a good workout.
20:16 Very good. There’s 2 and 2. Now this is also a tough exercise,
20:23 so if you’ve got some knee problems and you find this makes
20:27 them worse, then I want you to stop doing them. Go get your
20:32 knee checked, make sure everything is okay, or just stay
20:35 with the modified one and just go down to a point where it
20:39 doesn’t hurt. Very good. This is a great one for the gluteus
20:44 maximus area as well. And you can do lunges with dumbbells
20:48 at your sides or you can do what we call a lunge walk.
20:52 Out at the Black Hills we have a nice hill out in front of our
20:55 Wellness Center and we have days where we’ll lunge the hill.
20:58 Lunge the hill; walk on down there and lunge back up.
21:01 That’s the last one. Okay, you feel that. Yep.
21:07 Very good. Okay, lets squat down now. Go into a squat
21:13 position; down and back up. and down and up. We’re going
21:18 to do 30 of them. There’s 3 and 4 and 5. Squats are one of the
21:27 best overall exercises you can do. They bring in a lot of
21:31 muscles into play. They’re a great metabolic stimulator.
21:34 And if you can’t get down very far, that’s okay. If you need to
21:40 hang onto something, that’s okay. Keep your chest up.
21:45 Very good. Where are we at, Kye? Fourteen. Okay, sounds good to
21:51 me, 15, and after a bit you’ll start to feel those legs start
21:57 to get a little tired. How are you doing, Luther? Not too bad.
22:04 All right. Starting to feel your legs? Very good. How many more,
22:11 Kye? Eight more. Good. Okay home stretch. Push the hips
22:18 back, keep the knees over the feet, just like in the lunges.
22:26 Chest up. Okay, very good. Shake them out. That’s great.
22:33 Okay. Come to the edge of the platform. Put your hand on my
22:39 shoulder, get your feet off the edge. Okay, up on the toes, way
22:45 up high and back down, way up high and down. Okay, keep going.
22:52 Up and down. Nice and steady. Very good. The calf muscles have
22:57 been called the second heart because they help return blood
23:02 flow. One of the problems that diabetics start to have is a
23:06 lack of good circulation especially in the lower region.
23:11 They get some neuropathy. So this is a good way of
23:13 stimulating that blood flow back up. Very good, keep going.
23:20 Way down, way up. Way down, way up. We’re going to do 20 more.
23:26 We’ll do lots of repetitions because the calves can take a
23:31 lot of work since you’re walking on them all the time. They’re a
23:36 very aerobic muscle area. Very good. That’s why you see a lot
23:40 of long distance runners don’t have very big calves because
23:44 they don’t need them. They just need to be able to go for long
23:48 periods of time. That’s why chickens don’t have big legs.
23:54 Way up high. Well they’re walking on them all the time.
24:00 Way up, way up. How many more do we need. Two more. One more
24:08 time. Good. Okay. Now put your hand on my shoulder again and
24:13 I want you to get a hold of your ankle there. Reach back behind
24:19 you there. Very good and now we’re going to be stretching
24:23 the quadriceps area which is an area we worked just a moment
24:28 ago. They’re just using me for balance. But these guys feel
24:31 fairly solid. I think I could walk out right from underneath
24:34 and you guys would just be standing there still.
24:36 I’m impressed; well balanced young men. Okay, switch sides.
24:45 We’ve had people come out to our lifestyle center quite a bit
24:51 where we’ll say, We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news
24:56 is your diabetic. They’ll say well what could the good news
25:00 be? You’re in the right place because by the time they’re done
25:05 their diabetes is under control. All right go ahead and relax.
25:10 Now we’re going to step out and stretch the hamstring. Lean
25:16 forward into it. Keep your chest up. Okay just go ahead and put
25:20 your hands on your leg there, Luther. That’ll help you balance
25:26 Get your foot out just a little bit farther. There you go. Okay.
25:32 Let’s switch sides and stretch. Feel the back of your leg
25:37 stretch. Okay. Straighten this one out a little more. You’re
25:41 bending the back leg and then lean your chest forward into it.
25:45 Okay, straighten this one out. There you go. Lean forward.
25:52 Feel it stretch back in the back. Okay good. Thanks a lot
25:59 fellows; we’re all done. Diabetes doesn’t have to be the
26:06 death sentence that often times it turns out to be. In fact, it
26:09 is one of the number one killers in our society. But it can be
26:13 reversed and it can be controlled through proper
26:15 life style. I’ve had people say to me before, I used to be
26:18 diabetic. And I said, Really, what happened. Well I take
26:21 medication now so I’m not diabetic anymore. I said, I’ve
26:24 got news for you. You’re still diabetic; you’re controlling it
26:26 with medication. And unfortunately all those
26:29 medications have side effects. You’re much better off to
26:32 reverse your life style. Get in a good exercise program, eat
26:36 properly, get a lot of fresh air, a lot of sunshine and
26:39 relax. Trust in God; that’s very important. When you see
26:43 people who have a lot of stress in their life, if somebody’s out
26:46 at our wellness program and their glucose is doing well but
26:49 all of a sudden they get a stressful phone call from home,
26:52 it’s amazing how much we can see both the blood pressure and the
26:56 blood sugar shoot up. So you have to relax. I always tell our
26:59 wellness guests, Don’t worry about your blood pressure and
27:02 your blood sugar. Just relax, let go and let God, because
27:06 that’s the best way to get yourself healthy is by allowing
27:09 the Lord to work in your life. And the great thing about it is
27:13 the lifestyle that we propose and put people on is just what
27:16 God wants. It gets back to the original basics of what the
27:19 Bible teaches about good healthy living and we do that
27:22 and combine it with the exercise amazing things take place.
27:26 People are awe struck about how fast they’re able to get off
27:29 all their medication. In fact right from the very get go we
27:32 have to tell our diabetics, back off on your medication because
27:35 if you don’t you’re going to see some problems. That blood sugar
27:38 is going to stop dropping really fast. But do it for the right
27:42 reason. Do it to glorify God with your body. Philippians 4:13
27:44 says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens
27:47 me. Claim that promise. 27:49 God bless you. We’ll see you next time.

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    I am happy learning dabatic excerise and encourage by telling about Jesus praise the lord

  8. Sir ilove you good exsersize thank you sir really good good exsersize sir ilove this exsersize thank thanks very very much bye

  9. Good Day Mr. Dick, thanks for these exercises any your enthusiasm, Truth really its work & these exercises I had started in the month of Aug 2019 till today with continuation. Strictly I am doing and it is effected, now I am using only one time tablet Janumet 850 mg. Insha Allah I will try to reverse or control.

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