Detox: A Short Film
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Detox: A Short Film

August 16, 2019

So your dad’s the one who doesn’t drink right? No that’s my mom. My dad is the one who has convinced himself he’s intolerant to basically everything except for hippy shit from Whole Foods. So your typical all-american leave It to Beaver types. Got it. I don’t want to make it sound like they’re terrible people. They’re not. They’re just complicated and they’re gonna love you you’re not their fault. Here she comes. I think I’m ready Hi Mom. You look great. Thank you you too. Ah Ben, give us a hug. Nice to finally meet you nice to meet you as well yeah come on let’s go inside. What you gotta do is hit the right of the center of the cue ball. so it goes… I don’t care if it’s the holidays. I have to be good. I’ve been doing really well I’ve lost three pounds. Wow good for you. There’s coffee in the pot oh thank god Ben do you want some coffee? Ah. Something like that. You know something about being in the car for more than an hour completely drains me. Ah you don’t need that. Use the skim. I’m so glad that Ben could make it. Yeah he’s amazing. He’s been so supportive through everything and he’s just such a great listener. Hmmm. Did I tell you that I’ve given up starches I think that’s how the three pounds disappeared. You should try it. Well Carol at the office she swears by it and if anybody should know it should be Carol she has actually tried just about every single diet… Honey. So you did use the red pan for the chicken right Lexi? Yes Dad. I did live here at one point. Alright good. You should try some of this kimchi from the farmers market Ben. Might help detox some of those pesticides you’re ingesting. Doesn’t your body detox naturally? You know oh you’re kidding right? uh American food is so full of unclean toxins especially the meat. Oh my god if you say pink slime once during dinner we’re leaving. So Ben. Um what do you do again? Oh I work in marketing. We do accounts with auto manufacturers mostly trucks pretty standard stuff. Yeah uh, it’s really not that difficult most of our clients are very loyal lifetime clients so we don’t even have to advertise that much but uh don’t tell the guy who writes my paychecks. Yeah Ben really likes it a lot there. He’s friends with everyone at the office and we even joined a softball league. We call ourselves the Dodgers. Those trucks. They’re ruining our rainforests you know. Those big corporations. Just gonna drive this country straight to hell. That and obesity. Joe do you think we could calm down on the activism just for one night? I think that’s great Ben would you like some more potatoes? Oh sure, thank you. Thank you for being so nice to my parents. I know they’re a lot to handle It’s fine really. I mean everyone’s family has their quirks right? That must have been so stressful for you being around that weird energy. You know, I never even brought a boyfriend home for dinner I never did I always avoided it because what do you say to a 17 year old boy like oh hey my dad just pours a gallon of hot sauce on his food because he doesn’t want to eat it. It’s totally normal. It’s totally fine. It’s okay, really. I just wish it wasn’t such a thing though it’s just dinner everyone eats it every day they don’t think twice I just don’t even know what that’s like it’s always such a event around here. Did you ever talk to your mom about your recovery program? Yeah. I brought it up and she didn’t even react. She just changed the subject and started talking about a diet she’s trying. I don’t think she realizes how fucked up that is. I feel sorry for her and my dad being so judgy about what everyone eats. Yeah he definitely gave me a look when I went for seconds but uh I mean I’d feel shitty too if I just ate hot sauce soup. Well I feel bad for him too. You think it’s hard for girls. Hey. You know you’re a badass right? Hey mom I’m going to bed. Okay sweetheart. I love you. I love you too. Can’t go to bed till you’re finished Lexi.

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  1. Her parents are literally my parent except my mom is a lot more blunt about me being fat and I have black parents so they’d hit me if I tried speaking up

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  3. this is kinda funny for me.. my mom doesnt get how fucked up my disorder and other issues are and.. god my grandma.. inconsiderate. shame mom is like her. thank god i realised that they r toxic and im leaving them forever in a few years

  4. Guys, I’m not fucking kidding, my mom is exactly like the mom in this film, she’s even worse than this. It’s such a toxic environment, and I find myself struggling more often when I’m around her more. If any of you guys have parents like this, please recognize that it’s not good for the brain to be around these types of people. It fucking sucks. If anyone wants to here about the shit my mom says, just ask me, and I’ll provide some quotes she’s directly said to me.

  5. That ending really got me man my parents used to do the same thing to me, No matter how long it took i had to sit infront of my plate of food until it was gone.
    I was so fucking happy to have a dog that ate everything

  6. this is the most accurate portrayal of what it’s like to live with an eating disorder and be in active recovery around your family I’ve seen in a while (maybe ever). The scene with the mom at the end really got to me. One of the best ED shorts of all time.

  7. Her mom is just like my grandma, but I actually like talking about all the food I have eaten or what I don’t allow myself to eat. It pleases my eating disorder

  8. Finally a film I can relate to. My grandma freaks about gaining a little bit of weight. I feel so bad for her. I keep telling her she's perfect and doesn't need to lose weight. My family is filled with people who only care about how others see them. Sadly, it's passed onto me and my sister calls me fat on the daily.

  9. My mom is kind of like this. She'll weigh herself constantly and say how fat she's getting. And it rubs off on me and I turned anorexic in like 2016 and in 2014 I had binge eating disorder because of being saying I'm too skinny then i gained so much weight. And then in 2018 I developed bulimia. I am off and on with my eating disorders… hard to explain

  10. This almost made me cry at some point. Sometimes I don't eat for days and when I finally do, my parents make fun of what I'm eating or how fast or how much i'm eating, my mom is always talking about her diets, pills, workout and my brother keeps pinching my sides and touching my belly even when I already said I hate it. My family keeps triggering my Ed, it sucks

  11. My mom never tells me what not to eat but she always tells me that I'm fat almost every day. An this isn't the right way to loos weight but one week I was so fed up with how I looked, an decided to water fast for a couple. After mention it to my mom she told me it was good and I shouldn't bee eating.

  12. The mother in this movie reminds me of my Mom. It makes me think of the one time my Dad and I threw a cake in the trash because we knew she was going to binge it, and she would get super upset over it after binging.

  13. 4:25 a male version of myself. there should be more people like that in the world. Americans need to smarten up! Britain is landing in the same mess now ;(

  14. Honestly my mother is like this, and it triggers me so much. Ive started to develop an eating disorder, and it makes it worse when she weighs her food to see how much heavier it’ll make her

  15. These comments are either good comments about the film or people complaining about how terrible the people who gave birth to them and raised them with all their love, are.

  16. this is so much more relatable. I also grew up with a mother who's obsessed about dieting since I was born and it is a struggle.

  17. Oh my god this really got to me. My mom has always been worried about her weight and self conscious and talking about her new diets and that's how I got into eating disorders…..

  18. I was forced to eat things that made me gag telling me that I should be thankful to have food at all. Then when I threw up my mother would beat me. I ended up with a terrible relationship with food my entire life.

  19. Watching this before dinner. I have to eat a whole piece of lasagna with my family. I’m shaking. I don’t purge so this just means that tomorrow I’m probably going to end up fasting.

  20. Watching this before dinner. I have to eat a whole piece of lasagna with my family. I’m shaking. I don’t purge so this just means that tomorrow I’m probably going to end up fasting.

  21. why is every comment about how the parents are like their parents and why are mine the same as well, can't parents just love their children the way they are rather than making them develop EDs

  22. my grandma was anorexic and i think she is judging me for being not and now i want to do everything to be skinny bc i don’t want to disappoint her

  23. I have an aunt like the mom. I love her but she congratulates me for losing weight, when i developed my ed and lost too much I was too thin. She constantly belittles my cousin for her weight yet moans when she has salad and says thats not enough. I definitley think its a generation thing.

  24. i dont understand this video as much as i wish i did. the mom is a complex character and i cant wrap my head around her. like, she tells her kid to eat her food and then hints that she isn’t skinny enough, and then the mom binges and is self conscious about her own weight? like the self consciousness rubs off on her? i just dont really understand

  25. I have an eating disorder and my mom took it really serious when I got diagnosed. The day I got diagnosed I stopped eating for about 5 days. I had to call my dad to pick me up from my moms house on the fifth day because my mother had locked herself in her room sobbing. She kept buying me all this junk food expecting me to eat it. When my dad picked me up he asked why I wasn’t eating. I tried to explain that I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and that he knew that but he still remained bewildered and went on saying I was just trying to prove a point. I ate that day and I have been eating for about two weeks because I have had so many doctors appointments and I just want my parents to leave me alone . On Friday my eating disorder made me throw up my dinner and now I haven’t eaten for two going on three days . I feel like this time my eating disorder is worse and this is going to be the time where it gets more serious than before. But tonight I told my mom I hadn’t eaten and she asked why and just changed the subject like it was no biggie. Yesterday she found hidden food in my room and texted me a picture captioning it “lol I found the smell in your room”. It triggers my eating disorder when my parents act like I don’t have one and that being diagnosed means I’m better. It’s like they think that it was just a one time thing that is better now just because we talked about it . I wish they understood that I have an illness that won’t just go away because I ate once.

  26. I have an ED and my mom is worried and tells me she doesn’t think I eat enough. But my dad tells me I’m fat. If I eat something unhealthy he will tell me not to eat anything later. My sister says I’m fat and criticizes everything I eat. It’s so hard to try and recover when most of my family doesn’t want me to…

  27. I have an ED and my mom is worried and tells me she doesn’t think I eat enough. But my dad tells me I’m fat. If I eat something unhealthy he will tell me not to eat anything later. My sister says I’m fat and criticizes everything I eat. My friends don’t notice what I eat, but they do notice how I’m always cold and getting thinner. No one but me know how bad it’s getting or how it gets worse every day. It’s so hard to try and recover when most of my family doesn’t want me to…

  28. I can relate because of my mom and grandma. They talk smack about fat people. And my mom is very skinny…and very smug about it, always giving unwanted tips on how to be as skinny as her. I’ve never been overweight but once gained 5 lbs and they were gossiping about me over the phone. I hate listening to her talk about weight. I’m not anorexic but feel that her influence has disordered my body image and strained our relationship. If I have a daughter, I will break this cycle.

  29. Wow. This is the absolute BEST short film on eating disorders I’ve ever seen! Very good! I like how nuanced the characters were and story as a whole.

  30. this was literally so good. usually I get bored during short films but uh this was relatable, thoughtful, concise, felt like it had heart. yk?

  31. This is why i am teaching my sister theres no bad foods. Eat when you are hungry drink when you are thirsty and don’t worrry about your body image

  32. My mom's not like that, she forces food onto to me when I try to explain I can't. She says I'm starving myself but I complain I just wanna be healthy. She talks abt me on the phone to her friends. She isn't helpful in any way. That's how I developed all my ed's

  33. Oh my god I can relate with all of these, I’m in anorexia recovery and it’s really hard because when I’m about to eat something with sugar all my family it’s like “ ohhhh she’s eating unhealthy or like well look who’s gonna finally eat an that is just so stressful I can also relate with her because on my lowest point I used to have a box with candy ,and well I just looked at it for hours

  34. funny how she’s the only 1 making a big stink abt how horrrrrrible her parents r 🙄 fuck thats annoying how ppl think they have the worst parents when theyre lucky they @ least have them.. & theyre able to provide for ur spoiled ass… no1s perfect incl parents

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