Dangerous high blood pressure

September 9, 2019

“Mark: Dr. Jeff Harp demand as well as our topic on blood pressure. You mentioned that you’d gotten a lot of feedback from folks around the hospital on this. So we’re going to part 3 here. Let’s backtrack a little bit here and establish again what normal blood pressure would be. Dr. Harp: So normal blood pressure is less than 120/80, high is more than 140/90, and in between is considered pre- hypertension. In other words, heading towards hypertension. Mark: Right. Let’s let’s go to the high end of things. Really high blood pressures. Are they a concern, are they an immediate concern? Dr. Harp: So, we consider really high blood pressure generally don’t have any symptoms. It’s essentially called severe asymptomatic hypertension. In other words, they have a high blood pressure, but it’s not causing any problems. Now in the last couple weeks we’ve been talking about maybe long term problems. Whether or not it’s causing any immediate problems. So, that’s what’s considered a high blood pressure. Mark: All right, when it comes to asymptomatic hypertension, how fast should something be done? Dr. Harp: So somebody who are having symptoms along with it. Who…and are…and those people are said to have hypertensive emergency. Those people should get help right away. Mark: OK. What sort of symptoms would be, would we be seeing at that point? Dr. Harp: OK, the kind of symptoms are problems with end organs. Brain, heart, kidneys, large blood vessels. So people might have confusion, weakness of a certain area of the body. Chest pain, shortness of breath. Severe back pain, lightheadedness, blood in their urine, or nausea and vomiting. All those kind of things with the high blood pressure really should prompt someone to go to an emergency department and get evaluated right away. Mark: We don’t want to alarm people. They’re not very common pressure and it’s 190, as long as you’re not having any of those symptoms, you’re fine. You should call your primary health care clinician and get into the office. But only if you’re having one of those symptoms with it do you need help right

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