Dangerous Foods for High Blood Pressure Patients – Foods to Avoid for Hypertension and High Blood Pr
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Dangerous Foods for High Blood Pressure Patients – Foods to Avoid for Hypertension and High Blood Pr

October 10, 2019

Dangerous Foods for High Blood Pressure Patients
Hypertension Increases The Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke, Both Leading Causes Of Death In
The United States. Almost 28% Of Americans Do Not Even Know They Have The Disease. It’s
Called The “Silent Killer” Because High Blood Pressure Or Hypertension Is A Cardiovascular
Disease That Is Very Difficult To Detect. Some Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure,
Such As Age And Family History, Cannot Be Controlled. However, Many Other Factors Can
Be Managed. High Blood Pressure Can Be Reduced By Avoiding Some Food. Packaged and Processed Meats
Prepackaged Meats, Including Sausages For Breakfast And Hot Dogs, Are Usually Filled
With Sodium. Despite The Lack Of Belief That Cold Meats, Such As Turkey, Can Be A Source
Of Lean Protein, Added Salt Is Common. Avoid Hidden Sodium By Buying Directly From The
Butcher Instead Of The Refrigerated Section Of The Shopkeeper. Candy
Candy Essentially Offers Nothing But Calories And Sugar, While Increasing Sugar Levels.
Avoid Sugary Whips And Candy Bars And Opt For Sweetened Fruits Naturally Rich In Fiber
And Potassium, An Essential Nutrient That Has Shown A Preventive Role In High Blood
Pressure. Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks Are Nothing More Than Sugar And Calories, As Candy Does. A Can (Or 12 Fluid
Ounces) Of Soda Usually Contains More Than 9 Teaspoons Of Sugar, Or 39 Total Grams – That’s
The Recommended Daily Allowance For Men And Two-Thirds For Women! Chinese Take-Out
It’s About Sodium. Some Foods May Contain More Than Two Days Of Sodium! Beef With Broccoli,
Which Does Not Sound Too Harmful, Contains Approximately 3,200 Mg Of Salt. The Ingredients
Used To Cook The Dish, Including Soy Sauce Or Teriyaki Sauce, Have About 1,000 Mg Of
Sodium In A Single Scoop. And Think Of All The Oil Used To Mix Meat With Broccoli. Pastry
Donuts, Cakes And Cookies Are Loaded With Sugar Along With Fat. The Combination Can
Contribute To Weight Gain In Excessive Amounts. Reduce The Consumption Of These Products And
Keep The Portion And Size Of The Portions Under Control. Pickles The Crunchy, Low-Calorie Snack Is A Great
Addition To Your Sandwich Order, Except For The Fact That It’s Loaded With Sodium. Three
Medium Pickles, Approximately 3.75 Inches Long, Can Contain Approximately 2,355 Mg Of
Sodium, More Than The Recommended Sodium Limit Of 2,300 Mg For An Entire Day. Frozen Food
The Foods Found In The Freezer Section – Pizzas, Chicken Strips And Individual Frozen Entrees
– Are Not Only Loaded With Unwanted Ingredients, But Filled With Sodium. Even The “Healthy”
Foods Advertised Tend To Contain High Amounts Of Sodium. Sauces
Sauces And Condiments Can Be A Double Whammy When It Comes To Its Composition Of Both Salt
And Sugar – Ketchup Is A Notorious Condiment For Supplying High Amounts Of Both. Season
Products With Fresh Herbs Or Be Sure To Keep Amounts In Small Portions If Choosing To Use
Dips Or Sauces. Canned Beans
Canned Beans Can Be Loaded With Sodium For Preservation Purposes. If You Buy Canned Beans,
Rinsing The Beans With A Colander And Water Can Help Eliminate Most Of The Salt.

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