Cure Your Hashtag Headache
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Cure Your Hashtag Headache

September 2, 2019

Hashtag headaches? Ouch. Look no further. Sue B. Zimmerman here
to tell you today how to use hashtags on
Instagram so that you will attract your
ideal follower. Stay tuned. [MUSIC PLAYING] I always say, the magic
is in the hashtags. Here I am on my
Instagram Expert account called The Instagram Expert. And I want to talk to
you today about hashtags. Yes, hashtags are words or
phrases that becomes searchable when you attach them to a post. They are live on Twitter,
on Facebook, on Google+, and you’ve guessed it, my
favorite place, Instagram. Now, they can be very valuable
for growing your visibility because your content becomes
curated into a feed of all the other posts that have
used the same hashtag. So for example, here
we are on my post. This was a YouTube video that
we took different screenshots of apps that we were featuring. We brought it over to the
Instagram Expert account because on this account we share
tips, tools, and strategies on how do you grow your
brand using Instagram. Now, here are the
hashtags that we used on this particular post. Now, there are
both hashtags that are custom to my
account– ones that I made up– and also
some popular ones. So let me just click in some to
show you what I mean by that. So the Instagram
Expert is a hashtag that I use pretty
much on every post that I post here
in this account. And by scrolling
through all the images, I see that pretty much,
yes, every single one of these pictures are mine. Which is very cool when you
can kind of dominate a hashtag on Instagram because
so many of the hashtags are popular hashtags. Now, you do want to use
those as well in your post because people who are
looking for the services that you offer most often
will be searching some of these more generic
popular hashtags. These are broad hashtags. And obviously,
because look how many pictures have been
uploaded right here. It’s a number of people
that have used this hashtag. Let me show you another popular
one, Social Media Tips, which is something that I
use frequently as well. OK, so not quite as
many, over 1,000 here. But it’s important to come up
with your own unique hashtags and kind of dominate that
feed and stay top of mind within that feed. And people will think of you
when they search that hashtag. Now, this is not
something that I uploaded. And they are using my hashtags
to try to get eyeballs on this. So this company, I have
no idea who they are. They’re a gift shop. They are kind of crash
tagging my hashtag, as I say, and using Instagram
Gal and Insta Results to get eyeballs on it. So some people do that
just to get eyeballs. I do everything
strategically for business. And that’s what I
want to teach you, that it’s really important
to use both custom hashtags for yourself
that you come up with and also general
ones when you’re posting. Now, you can post up to 30
hashtags per post on Instagram. And I typically do between 8 and
10 when I put my hashtags here. Now, the trick to all of this
is putting them in notes. In my notes, I have different
hashtags for different content that I am creating. So for this particular post,
I have these hashtags curated. Now, you can also
create other hashtags that might get
eyeballs on your post as well that are
different than the ones that you’ve created here. So if you want to upload some
new hashtags to your post, the best strategy
to refresh it is to delete your old
hashtags and Select All, copy, and paste
hashtags into your post. This will refresh your
post, bring it to life, and get some more
eyeballs on it. And sometimes it’s good to use
a different hashtag strategy in the same post and
post other hashtags that might be relevant for the
content that you’re sharing. So again, just simply
swipe to the left. You have to press
on comments first. Let me just go back to that. In order to delete
the post, you have to press on Comments,
swipe to the left, delete, and put
it just like that. Now, if I wanted
just to show– let’s see if we can make this
curate to the top for Diptic. Let’s see if that’s
going to happen. I think that might have
been one of my hashtags that I used in this post,
so it might not work, but we’ll give it a shot. No, it didn’t, because
we had already used it. OK, so the best thing
to do is to come up with some unique hashtags
that you didn’t use initially to get more eyeballs on it. So let me just come up with one. Let’s do SBZ Tips. Those are my initials. And let’s see if this one works. So when I tap on SBZ Tips,
those are all my tips. Yes, and that comes up
in that particular feed. So let me do one
more, Sue B. Tips. I think that’s the one
where I actually have more. OK, yes, this is what I
was trying to show you. So SBZ Tips I hadn’t used
yet, but I do use Sue B. Tips. So all the tips that I post on
Instagram, I use this hashtag. So now that I’ve refreshed that
photo with a different hashtag, it shows up at the
top of this feed. So it’s a really good
way to get your post on other hashtagged
content and get it to the top of that content. Now I want to show
you some accounts that are doing a great
job using hashtags. One is called The
Retail Rebellion. And she’s really great at coming
up with a hashtag strategy that resonates for her business,
which is consignment designer clothes. And she does a good job at
mentioning the actual hashtag of the designer
that she selling. And she comes up with a couple
of her own creative hashtags. Shop My Closet actually I think
is one that is frequently used, but there’s one
particular hashtag that I like that Natalie
uses where she is telling people what is left in her shop. Let’s see if we can find that. It might just be
posts that she made. Oh yeah, here it is. OK, so Natalie’s unique
hashtag is TRR Available. So The Retail
Rebellion Available. These are things that are
still available on her site that she’s selling. So she did a great job of coming
up with her own custom hashtag. Another account that I want
to bring to your attention is Hello Limelight. They do a really good
job at creating hashtags. Now, this one’s really fun. It’s Liane’s birthday today. She’s the owner of this company. And one of the hashtags that
they frequently use for her is Stand Out Social. Now, she’s not the only
one using Stand Out Social, but it is a good
hashtag for her, and she’s pretty much
dominating that feed. Another one that she does
is the name of her business. So this is a great
idea for you if you want to dominate the
name of your business and use your hashtag
just like that. I also do my hashtag with
my name, Sue B. Zimmerman, and the content is all
curated there as well. And the third one I want
to show you is ECHO Tape. They do a great job
at using hashtags. This is a construction
and repair tape company that sells tape. And in each post they have
a nice mix of both custom hashtags– now, I
have to tell you this. Echotape is the name of a band. So that is kind of funny. But they’re using it anyway
and kind of piggybacking onto that band. And ECHO Tape Tips,
this is a good one. Tape Tips, Tape Made Easy,
Repair, Repair, Repairs, All-Purpose. So there’s all
these great hashtags that are unique to the brand. So I’m really just
trying to show you some examples of businesses
that do unique to the brand. So those three are
really good ones for you to check out right here,
ECHO_Tape, Hello Limelight, and The Retail Rebellion. I recommend checking
out all of those. I will bring one more
to your attention. And this is an account that
is exploding on Instagram because she’s oh-so-talented. Let’s see if she did
her hashtags here. Not in this. OK, she does Fashion
Illustration Boston business cards. All right, so
Fashion Illustration is actually one that
a lot of people use. But Holly is a amazing
bridal Illustrator. And she has a great– and she’s
a fashion Illustrator as well. So I just checked that
one, Fashion Blogger. Let’s see if she’s
doing any one specific. Oh, Custom Illustration. OK, so she shows up
here, but other people are using this hashtag as well. I see her frequently showing up. So here’s some of
her illustrations. So you want to, like I said,
try to dominate a hashtag so that when people search it,
your ideal customer searches it, they will find you, and you
will dominate that feed. So I hope that you have
found this super useful. Again, 30 hashtags per post. When you use your hashtags,
don’t use all 30 at once so that when you do delete
them and go back and re-post some new ones, you will show
up at the top of that hashtag feed. OK? So I hope that you found this
tutorial on hashtags helpful. And there will be lots
more Instagram tips to be shared right here on
YouTube, so come back for more. You too can be
instafamous on Instagram. Be sure to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. And take a screenshot. Show me this on Instagram,
@theinstagramexpert, and be sure to use
#suebzimmerman. And I will see your post. And I promise you,
I will comment.

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  1. I didn't know the part about not showing up in a feed of a hashtag you had used previously, is there a time limit on that?

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