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Cure Type 1 Diabetes : Organoid Transplantation – LSFM4LIFE

September 2, 2019

diabetes is a common chronic disease
that affects more than 415 million people throughout the world around 10%
of those people suffer from type 1 diabetes an emerging epidemic worldwide
which incidents is increasing at a pace of three to four percent every year
especially among children this form of diabetes is caused by the body’s own
immune system destroying the pancreatic cells responsible for the production of
insulin insulin is the hormone that enables cells in the body to use sugar
or glucose from food as fuel without insulin producing cells people have to
monitor glucose levels and inject insulin themselves in order to stay
alive living with type 1 diabetes is a constant challenge and for now there is
no cure to help address this health issue the European Commission funded the LSFM4LIFE project which intends to develop an innovative treatment to cure
type 1 diabetes this project gathers 7 partners from 6 European
countries received a grant of 5.1 million euros started in January 2016
and will last four years the LSFM4LIFE partners are working to provide a
long-term solution to cure type 1 diabetes they chose a promising new
angle cellular therapy using clusters of pancreatic cells also called organoids
to achieve this challenging goal the LSFM4LIFE partners need to develop and
define a stable insulin producing human pancreas organoid model they also need
to create an animal-free and well-defined gel to grow these organoids
and finally they have to establish quality standards for the
action of stable insulin-producing organoids for use in patients if
successful the organoids will be transplanted into patients they will
produce insulin and take over the control of blood glucose levels in a way
that is not achievable with insulin injections T1D patients treated using
this method would be relieved from monitoring and injecting insulin daily
in addition to improving the quality of life of millions the expenses associated
with t1d treatment and monitoring will be reduced type 1 diabetes is a burden
on patients and their families in addition it can cause serious
complications such as heart kidney and eye disease
a sustainable and effective cure to type 1 diabetes is a very important unmet
need which the LSFM4LIFE partners are devoted to to follow the progress and
results of the LSFM4LIFE research project please visit our website at

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