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  1. ive never noticed until 04:32am on 20/08/19 that emma chamberlain is very fucking loud. my mom woke up. the volume is 15.

  2. these burritos aren’t out of date I thought they was rotten but they don’t get out of date until September 2018

    —published on the 11th feb 2019

  3. When you said you were just going to eat a hot pepper just like that out of the bag, I was like “damn you’re going to get f’ed up” (I thought they were jalapeños). Then you busted out the Serrano pepper and I was like “you’re going to die”. LOL

  4. I’m a guy, going through a breakup, tryna forget that girl with every muscle in me but it’s tough.
    But you Emma, you make my days better, you’re so relatable and humble, never give in to the attention or money please. God bless you, you never know who’s watching you !

  5. August 2019 where are u ppl? 👋🏻
    Also it’s been 6 months without a cooking with Emma!!!!🥺
    edit:omg she just uploaded one
    (btw also a youtuber heehee)

  6. I eat a serrano with almost every meal. But I am Mexican so that explains it. I love to oil them up and roast them.

  7. Idk why but, I've watched this video about 5 times, and every time the way she edits "ethan" when talking about how he got her the coffee machine it makes me laugh

  8. When she starts the story of the mailman is she talking about Ethan’s shirt she bought him for the Christmas sister squad collab

  9. So many people probably yelled ‘Emma, NO!’ 🤚🏻when you were about to take a bite of that pepper. Girl those peppers don’t mess around.

  10. Omg they expired on my birthday. In four days, it's their 2 year expiration anniversary! 1 Like = 1 respect for the deceased tort-ill-as.

  11. Emma! i changed my mind about other comments. I made. you're not an alien from somewhere…you were born in a closet and recently released.. at the age we have to witness you.. making videos.. Emma!

  12. this is kind of late, but it made me cringe so hard when you toasted the tortilla before you put the ingredients on it. thats why it looked like shit.

  13. this old ass emma chamberlain video inspired me to do my own cooking video and it was a HUGE success and by success I mean I didn't burn down my house

  14. So I was sitting here watching this and my mom was watching TV and there was an IHOP food commercial and was starting to get sister squad flashbacks 😞😢

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