Controlling Type 1 Diabetes
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Controlling Type 1 Diabetes

October 9, 2019

– Diabetes impacts more than
30 million people in the US according to the National
Institute of Health, and sometimes, managing it can
seem like a huge challenge. So, today, let’s meet a
woman who successfully kept her diabetes under control
for more than 50 years and find out what she says
is the key to living healthy. – [Announcer] Kathy Pinaccio
first started experiencing diabetes symptoms when
she was 15 years old. – I would get up in the middle
of the night and drink soda because I was dying of
thirst, urinating constantly, and I was emaciated looking,
so my mother one day said you’re gonna go to the
doctor and get checked. – [Announcer] That lead to a
diagnosis of type one diabetes. – Diabetes is a very common
condition that very basically is a problem with the body being
unable to accurately manage glucose. Type one diabetes is literally
where you have absolute insulin insufficiency, the body
doesn’t make enough insulin cause the pancreas
is not working. The body attacks the pancreas
so the insulin producing cells are destroyed. The glucose gets very high,
it causes excessive urination, excessive thirst, weight
loss, blurry vision. – I was terrified at 15, I
thought if I ate a candy bar, I would die that day. – [Announcer] Kathy immediately
set her sights on taking care of herself. The first step was getting
set up with insulin and a routine that involved regularly
checking her blood sugar. – Take your insulin
at the same time, try to eat at the same time. But I do check my
blood four times a day. I check it before every meal. – In general, you wanna
get insulin to control both the mealtime sugars, and the
sugar for the rest of the day in between. That usually takes two
different types of insulin. – [Announcer] Kathy learned
how to watch for the signs of low or high blood sugar,
and manage her medications accordingly. – I can tell when my blood
sugar is starting to fall. You’re a little bit
confused mentally, and you get sweaty. If it get too high, then
you are very thirsty. – [Announcer] She also had
to begin tracking her meals. – You’ll find out
what contains carbs. There’s, I’m an avid reader
on the back of any label. It’s a habit you make
yourself get into. – It is thinking about what
you’re taking in, looking at how many carbs are in
a given food, and then she’ll dose adjust, and
that’s what makes her so successful. You know what you’re gonna
eat, and what you’re gonna do, and then you adjust the dose. – [Announcer] Next came
setting aside time for regular exercise in her day. – I think walking is the
best exercise for anybody. – It’s usually about 30
minutes everyday that’s helping with glucose utilizaion, it’s
helping with muscle tone, it’s helping with
weight maintenance. – [Announcer] Finally, Kathy
says staying in close contact with her doctor and being
honest with him has ensured that she remains on track. – We see Kathy every
three to four months, and we’ll talk about where
her sugars have been. – That to me is the
most important thing. Have a doctor that
will listen to you, and advise you. – [Announcer] Kathy hopes
other diabetics will follow in her footsteps, and
use these same steps to keep themselves healthy. – Can’t let it stop you,
go out and have fun. – She’s a great example, 55
years later, she’s doesn’t have any complications that
we can tell, that’s great. – I am living the good life,
I am, I am lucky to be 70 years old and an healthy
diabetic and living a good life. I am.

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