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September 1, 2019

heloo thank you so much for making it a date
with me this week on the channel. Today, I will be talking about 5 ways to control
high blood pressure. As we know that high blood pressure is a systemic
problem and if not well regulated, if not well controlled, it can lead to even more
serious problems such as heart attack, stroke, and these can even also lead to death. so today, i will be talking about five ways
to make sure that you are controlling high blood pressure. If this is your first time on the channel,
you are welcome. Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Victoria and this is Health Talk
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is dropped on the channel. So back, to our discussion for today. 5 ways to control high blood pressure. Number 1- Lifestyle changes
Everybody that has high blood pressure at one point or the other will have been to the
hospital, will have been clerked, would have been seen, would have been consulted by a
Physician, and the cause of the high blood pressure would have been established with
the person, so the major way to control high blood pressure -the ultimate way is to make
sure that you stop whatever has been identified to be the cause. The cause for A might not be the same as the
cause for B. So, know what is likely to have caused yours
and stop it, reduce it, change it. So number one thing I’m talking about is Lifestyle
changes. stop smoking, stop drinking, stop living a
sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle in which
you sit down all day. There’s no excercise, there’s no moving around,
there’s no excercising your body. You just sit down there for hours without
excercising, and this is very common for people who have coporate jobs. So my advice to you if you are in that situation
that you have to sit down in the office for long hours is, in an hour make sure that you
have at least 5minutes to yourself, to stretch yourself, stretch your body, do some minor
excercises so that the blood flow is not impeded, blood is floiwng without any constriction. So lifestyle chnage is very important. Number 2 is diet. Like i said that there are different causes
for high blood pressure, however one of the major causes of high blood pressure is the
retention of sodium in the body. So, when sodium is retained in the body, water
automatically is retained. sodium you can also call it salt. you know that wherever there is salt you find
water. so once sodium is retained in your body, water
is automatically retained. and when sodium is high, pottasium is low. meanwhile, pottasium has great values to help
you in lowering blood pressure. so make sure that you eat diet , foods, vegetables
that are high in potassium. Examples of foods rich in potassium are Oranges,
Bananas, Spinach. Different foods that are very very rich in
potassium get them, eat them on a daily basis so that it will also help in lowering your
blood pressure. Another thing i will talk about number 3 is
religious use of antihypertensive pills. Now when you visit your physician, he or she
would have given you a set of drugs to be using as antihypertensives. Make sure that you use them religiously. High blood pressure is not a condition in
which you just decide one day that you are not going to use the pills. I’m not using the pills..oh its so boring…i’m
tired of using these pills. No! You have to be consistent with the use of
the pills. If you have been instructed to use it once
daily, you have to note it. If you have been instructed to use a particular
one twice daily, you have to note it and make sure that your friend or spouse , family member,
someone close to you is aware so that the person can constantly remind you. Have you used your drugs? So that you will be accountable to someone
because your life is not yours. So we can’t afford to lose you. You know you have friends, family members,
loved ones who care about you so you have to take every measure to make sure that you
are abiding by the instructions given to you concerning the antihypertensive pills. You use them as at when due. You can also set an alarm and say i must use
my drug at this particular time. so the alarm will tell you and immediately
your alarm rings, leave whatever you are doing and please use your drug. So it is very important to use the drug religiously. Number 4 is regular blood pressure check. it is very very important. of course you can not visit the hospital everyday
to get your blood pressure checked. but you can actually have a sphygmomanometer
thats the blood pressure monitor at home. You check your blood pressure in the morning
on waking up, you check it at night before sleeping. This will help you also to keep track of the
readings. You will be able to knoe..oh when i wake up
in the morning, it is low, when i want to sleep at night, it was very high. what could have caused it? You will be like oh i did this…i stressed
myself, you’ll be able to analyse it yourself and you’ll be able to take precautions where
necessary. But if you don;t check your blood pressure
regularly, how will you know? of course you won’t. so it is important for you to invest in a
good blood pressure monitor. please..invest in a good blood pressure monitor. There’s a link below. kindly make sure that you check the description
box below for the link to trusted and expert-recommended blood pressure monitor that you can get and
use to monitor your blood pressure. if you don’t monitor it, who will? Number 5 is stress. Reduce stress to the barest minimum. Now, Exercise is very very important. It is important to make sure that your blood
is flowing regularly as it ought to be. However, you should make sure that you are
not overstressed, that as much as you work and excercise, make sure that you get enough
time to rest, to relax, to sleep. This will also help you in maintaining an
average, normal blood pressure, that will give you peace of mind.. no.. oh my blood
pressure is high again, and all that. And you know some people can think for africa. Ok, I know that there are a lot of things
going on around us..your life, your family, your work, your relationships, a lot of things
that stresses you and you wanna think about and dwell upon. but take them off. you know…if you stress about it from today
till tomorrow, it will not give you an answer. so stop stressing over it and start comitting
it to God.. Do the ones that you can do and leave the
rest to God. I hope that you have gotten value from today’s
health talk. Please let me know in the comment section
what other method, what other ways you think that high blood pressure can be controlled. I will be in the comment section reading and
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