Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD): The Start of a Zombie Apocalypse???
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Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD): The Start of a Zombie Apocalypse???

December 5, 2019

From its triggering factors to the growing
concerns surrounding it, here’s what you need to know about chronic wasting disease:
Today’s video was requested by Random Stuff 252. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about subscribe and let us know in the comments section below. Number 8 What Is It? Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, is a transmissible
disease that mainly affects cervids, members of the deer family, including moose, caribou,
elk, white-tailed deer and mule deer. It’s always fatal and, so far, there are
no treatments or vaccines to protect these animals from it. CWD has received a significant amount of attention
in the media, with some believing it could bring about a ‘zombie apocalypse’ if it
spreads to humans. In fact, the behavioral changes associated
with CWD are among the reasons it has come to be known as zombie deer disease. So far, there isn’t any evidence of transmission
from cervids to humans. Yet, recent scientific research seems to indicate
that might change at some point in the future. Number 7 Discovery
Chronic wasting disease was first identified in northeastern Colorado, in 1967, in a herd
of captive mule deer. It wasn’t until the early 80s that CWD was
discovered in wild elk and mule deer, both in Colorado and Wyoming. At the time, an endemic zone for the disease
was established in those states. From that point on CWD steadily spread throughout
wild and captive populations. There are still several elk herds in Colorado
and one white-tailed herd in Wisconsin that remain under state quarantine. According to a retroactive study, infected
deer were exported in the 80s from Denver to Toronto Zoo. This may have been the first contact that
Canada had with the disease. Number 6 Where Is It Located? As of 2019, the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention have reported cases of CWD in 251 counties and 24 states in the US. There have also been reports from Alberta
and Saskatchewan, in Canada. So far, the only European country where CWD
has been detected is Norway. The origin of contamination in the Scandinavian
country is unknown. The disease has also been reported in South
Korea, where the source was infected deer imported for farming in the late 90s. Number 5 Factors
Just like the mad cow disease, scrapie, in goats and sheep or Creutzfeldt-Jakobs disease
in humans, CWD is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. The main factor behind its onset is believed
to be a prion, which is a misfolded form of a normal protein, called the prion protein. Proteins are like building blocks in the body
and they provide a large number of important biological functions. They’re, in turn, composed of many smaller
building blocks called amino acids, which fold onto each other into 3D structures. The normal prion protein, called PrPC, is
commonly found in the brain and spinal cord. Its’ not known what causes them to misfold,
but the resulting form is much more resistant to unfolding and breaking down and it can
convert other normally folded prion protein. These misfolded forms, called PrPSc, accumulate
in the brain to a point that it can cause death. Examined under a microscope, the cerebral
cortex shows many holes, which make it resemble a sponge, hence the name spongiform. Another theory is that CWD isn’t caused
by prions but by a bacterium called Spiroplasma. Biologist Frank Bastian, the author of the
theory, has reportedly succeeded in growing the bacterium from the brains of CWD-infected
animals. He argues that the prion formation is the
body’s way of defending against the bacterium, but not the root cause. Other scientists haven’t been able to reproduce
his results, which is why most are still in favor of the prion theory. Number 4 Symptoms
A diagnosis of CWD is typically established through necropsy and testing. Even though the disease can be somewhat determined
in a laboratory setting, there’s currently no commercially feasible diagnostic test to
be used on live animals. Since many animals die early in the course
of the disease, it becomes harder to establish post-mortem if CWD was the cause. One of the techniques that may be effective
is taking fluids from cervids suspected of being affected and incubating them in genetically
modified mice. However, there are certain ethical and scalability
issues that would argue against this method. CWD has only been observed in non-human animals,
but its symptoms certainly have zombie-like characteristics. Deer stricken by it exhibit dramatic weight
loss, stumbling, lack of coordination and walking in set patterns. Drooling, teeth grinding, tremors and lowering
of the head have also been observed. They no longer fear people and decrease their
interactions with other animals. There are certain problems with identifying
infected deer by these symptoms alone, as some of them also occur with malnutrition
and other diseases. Moreover, CWD can be present without any symptoms
for years after the animals become infected. Number 3 How Will It Kill You? According to the research conducted so far
and considering the evolutionary state the disease is in, there’s no strong evidence
that it’s transmissible to humans. However, that doesn’t mean that CWD prions
can’t jump the species barrier, at some point. CWD is progressive, always fatal and doesn’t
presently have any form of treatment. Experiments indicate that the CWD prion can
infect squirrel monkeys and laboratory mice, which carry several human genes. The most worrying aspect, regarding infecting
humans, is that it has been transmitted to macaques, monkeys that are genetically closer
to humans than any other animal. A study, conducted by a team of Canadian and
German scientists, showed that, out of five monkeys fed infected white-tail deer meat,
three became infected with CWD. This was the first instance of the disease
spreading to primates through meat consumption and the basis of concern for a potential ‘zombie
apocalypse’. The monkeys were also infected when the tainted
material was inserted directly in their brains. Chronic waste disease wouldn’t be the first
transmissible spongiform encephalopathy that evolved to affect humans as this happened
previously with mad cow disease. According to Mark Zabel, associate director
at the Prion Research Center at Colorado State University, the prions that cause CWD are
flexible and able to adopt many shapes with relative ease. He claims that there are reasons to suspect
the disease could, at one point, pass to humans because it’s still evolving. Additionally, certain studies seem to indicate
that researchers can artificially alter the evolution of CWD prions, whether in animal
models or test tubes, so that they cause human proteins to misfold. Since such evolution is possible in a laboratory
setting, it might occur in nature as well, under the right circumstances. Number 2 Transmission
Another frightening aspect about CWD is the multiple ways in which it can be transmitted. Between animals the disease is spread through
urine, feces, blood or saliva either through direct contact or indirectly via contaminated
food, water or soil. The prions cling tightly to soil particles
and remain in the environment for a long time. Even after an animal dies and decomposes,
it still may leave behind an infectious environmental reservoir of CWD. As an avian scavenger, the American crow can
become a carrier for the disease. It’s been discovered that the prions are
still viable after they pass through the crow’s digestive tract. Considering the crow’s range, population
density and longevity, this creates ample opportunities for the spreading of CWD. In certain elk populations, there was also
high rate of transmission from mother to fetus. Number 1 How to Survive? Even though there isn’t strong evidence
for CWD in humans, precautionary measures are still advised for hunters and people who
eat deer meat. If they are hunting in-or if the meat comes
from an area known for CWD, they should get the meat tested. However, these tests aren’t available in
every state and they might be applied differently, depending on the region. A negative result doesn’t guarantee an individual
animal isn’t infected, but it does reduce the chances. Information about testing is available in
many states and people should check if it is recommended or required in their area. If the test is positive for CWD, the overall
consensus is don’t eat the meat. Hunters should avoid shooting deer and elk
that are acting strangely. They should also take extra precaution when
field dressing the deer. It’s recommended that they wear rubber or
latex gloves and minimize handling tissues from the brain and spinal cord. Thanks for watching! Do you think chronic waste disease will bring
about a zombie apocalypse? Let us know in the comment section below!

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