Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) blood clot

September 15, 2019

I am this is something a little bit
different to what I normally do on my youtube channel just just under a year I
was taking there with the phlume started off as a common cold and it seemed to
progress more if you’ve searched obviously for this specific term then
you have obviously either been affected by or you found it by mistake but it’s
just to make people really more aware of the condition stuff like that anyone can
be affected by it it’s a small minority of people that can be affected by it I
just wanted to sort of like do this video because myself and now I’ve
searched for obviously the people that some been affected by I was also
affected by like I said last year back in January I was affected with the flu
either just a standard flu flu cold gave it week the cold was going I went to
doctors they prescribed me some tablets before the flipside okay
some sort of respiratory infection like chest infections and was thought to get
rid of it this turned into vomiting progressed from there really to constant
constant headaches and I was sleeping for
proximately 12 well are sleeping pretty much all the time then someone was
waking up or was occasional food drink and this went on for about two to three
weeks box me in January started off from about the 8th of January when I’ve got a
cold it’s not always like a sore throat really progressed into something a bit
more and from there on in probably about two I went to the dots on the second
week when they were cold hadn’t on I didn’t have the pain back then but on
the third week I didn’t happen but I seem to start getting real headaches unbearable headaches where I couldn’t
sleep unless I had pain relief I was on codeine ibuprofen or sleeping long hours
I was comatose I was awake I was waking up for food I had me daughter let you
pay payment for feeding me and always I wouldn’t have eaten so that’s that was
the state of what I was actually what happened to me and from there on in after about three weeks I just you know
I was I was downstairs I couldn’t really sort of walk very very well I was losing
weight by the set by the by the obviously pounds because the tingle
wasn’t taken any fluids like that so I was using fat storages and
of my body so I was losing body mass I got to use the bathroom and I walked to
the kitchen because our bathroom is downstairs back way and I noticed I
couldn’t see properly I had double vision where I could see two of
everything so I figured out everything that possibly could
kitchen counters washing basket sits in the in the kitchen near the washing
machine to get to the toilet it was it was true double vision I mean I could
see to privilege of everything in the kitchen
long distance was just a really bad really bad this is where this was this
was sort of like on a weekend I do believe pursuant Monday came and went to
the doctor’s and this device I couldn’t see anything
I could you know I was having I went to sort of like walk around aided with
another person next to me for this to start off as a common cold it’s quite
bad I mean one in I think one in five
hundred thousand or something I’m not sure the statistics is pretty low for
someone to get this but it can happen and it is basically if it’s untreated
its killer okay the terminology for is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis that is
from BOCES lock and block up the the Carrabelle so it’s CBS tf4 short you
can search for CBS t and that will come up with what obviously you’ve had if
you’ve been diagnosed with it if you search for this by mistake it’s
something to definitely look out for and keep an eye out for not obviously in the
sky because literally is very a rare condition
it is a rare condition but if you have got double vision and get yourself to
the doctors get yourself some medical treatment of some sort opticians can
detect it as well which I’ll come to that in a few moments as well now going
down the line what I found was that I was having difficulty seeing so my
doctor advised me that she would want blood tests and then and for meeting it
go and see an optician went down to my local opticians which was Specsavers so
no they suspect Sabres do like her a photographic take a photograph on the
back of your eye or the opposite optical nerve and they did and they detected
pressure in the head okay they cast that as a cranial pressure
they couldn’t detect obviously that it was what it was at that time they just
detected it there was a lot of pressure in the head they didn’t know why they
all they do is diagnose that and Rafi to us bill
so I’ve got to a spell on the seventh I was in the A&E department for about four
hours seamer forever about ten o’clock at night via ambulance
I was in the a in the this would be room city centre city hospital for from about
ten ten o’clock didn’t get seen until about three in the
morning I was admitted to was admitted to the hospital where I obviously I had
x-rays and I had MRIs I had one Lamar I had one x-ray I had two MRIs the fifth
MRI they didn’t pick anything up the same with the x-ray second MRI was with
contrast which is like a dye goes all around your body and detects any sort of
light anomalies within the veins and stuff so they must endure sort of like
suspected some sort of like and blockage somewhere and that’s where it detected
the blood clot in the head okay if the blood clot would have bled there
was very little they would’ve invented it I do believe there’s very little that
they would have been out to do because the actual location that the actual
blood clots in reason for that is because the the actual position of the
blood clot is in the place called the cerebral answerable is right towards the
stem called like the near stem I’d say well I’ll go to a go to a different
screen and I can actually zoom in on the picture okay so I’ve got this screen
here okay so if I just press control alt possibly to get my screen to zoom in
slightly it will zoom in there we go it’s moving
okay so I’ll move down slightly okay so this basically is the is the head okay
so this is a human head okay now the conflict in area of the
what where I hadn’t my problem is there so it’s right near the brainstem okay
and it’s very hard to get up so if you have any issues around this area is it’s
very it’s very difficult I mean basically the bleed was all around the
back of the head and all around here so it was it’s very dangerous so he’s
definitely something to look out for what I intend on doing is now going into
treatment afterwards what treatment I had once they diagnose the problem okay
so I’m back on the screen myself and now for a few moments and so once they found
and found out what I actually had they put me on some injections cook something
called connect sign and what collec saying is is it it basically breaks down
clumps okay I was on that for in hospitai was taking it for was not but
about a week I was emitted on the Friday night well really I was Saturday morning
and I was just charged to Friday night the following Friday night on the 14th
but I was on the collect saying free e free injections I’m not too sure I can’t
remember the what milligrams I was actually on and what was actually take
what was being given at that time it’s all very fuzzy even the amount of
doctors I seen could not see because I still had double
even the hospital so they was giving me these injections in the stomach until
the fire bank and then I was released on the fright the following Friday night
late at night it was about 8 and 8 o’clock I was built on along my way home by obviously sort of that transport from
the hospital because I couldn’t jump on a train I wouldn’t have been allowed to
see I couldn’t see I could see sort of like close distance but as if I was
looking down the end of the road I’d see two roads two cars two everything really
I wouldn’t have been known to walk or anything like that I still found walking
very very difficult because the natural dizziness but I will come down in a few
moments okay what I would actually what I found was and they also gave me it was
two weeks I think proximate about two weeks or a week week
weeks worth of Clack same for me to actually administer myself and they
trained me to do that in the hospital to actually administer the correct st. so I
have to do injections in the system up which many people have to do it’s it’s
nothing out of the ordinary the only reason I’m actually bringing this this
up good when I first come out of hospital and I was able to I got on a
computer and searched for cranial obviously what the condition I had and
was very little out there I mean apart from Wiki Wikipedia there was nothing no
information on what you would what the actual outcome was for having this
condition and a lot of people actually sort of
like come on front of a camera or speak about it and so I mean with regards to
that so what I’ve what I’ve actually experienced myself is I was Mitte from
us but as discharge Hospital on the 14th February every day after that weekday I
would be going to doctors with blood tests and taking warfarin I’m now on
warfarin pimping that’s for the rest of my life because obviously the risk of me
getting the hook to the head or a blood clot in general is quite high some on
warfarin all the time and I get constant dizziness I can’t walk a great amount of
distance so I come just stumble around the house holding on to things walking
in general for me nothing to do with my legs it’s nothing to do with my legs
it’s to do of my dizziness I just feel dizzy if I’m standing for long periods
of time I can’t stand for more than five to six minutes without feeling dizzy or
anything like that and that’s constant that’s been constant since I was
released from my spell once got obviously the vision back which the
vision started to come back after about four weeks so after about four weeks it
was I would say probably two weeks it was reducing I could see a bit better
four weeks I could see completely clear again it was it was such a relief
because I didn’t think I wasn’t the vision back as I was something you just
take for granted so I mean this is this is busy what I wanted to do is actually
get on yeah gone the camera really sort of like talk to talk to you guys in
YouTube and and basically the reason why I’ve got the fish behind
me is it’s something it’s just carving really something to have behind rather
than just some guys such as a completist Italian telling you all these and
complaints as such but yeah so hopefully you know if you found this by mistake
then keep a look out for symptoms like that
my recommendation is is if you are real keep hydrated because that is the most
important thing I don’t think I was hydrated enough water was actually ill
and I think that’s probably one of the reasons why had the blood clot it’s
unknown how you get these blood clots like these and the ones in the cerebral
area okay um thanks for extra tuna my name’s Deena I always run the GD review
and um thanks very much to tune in bye for now

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