CBD Oil for Migraines – How CBD Helps Treat Headaches – Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

October 17, 2019

Migraines: so many of us have experienced
that day-ruining headache that forces you to have to take refuge in a dark, quiet room. It’s so common that one in four American
households has at least one member who suffers from migraines. And for those of you who have chronic migraines,
you know all too well that the prescription medication options aren’t great. You have to take them at the onset of the
migraine for them to work, and they often leave you so drowsy that you may end up retreating
to that dark room for a nap anyway! This is where CBD comes in. I’m Dr. Lynn Marie Morski with Octagon Biolabs,
and I’m here to talk a little bit about how CBD could be helpful for migraine sufferers
everywhere. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the ingredients
found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike it’s more well-known counterpart
THC, CBD does not cause the high generally associated with marijuana use. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, which
is a biological system that affects the regulation of several physiological and cognitive functions. CBD has recently been found to be effective
for a number of medical conditions, including migraines. While researchers are still investigating
the exact mechanisms by which CBD is able to help alleviate migraine symptoms, some
initial studies have suggested the following: There’s a group of nerves and blood vessels
in the brain called the trigeminovascular system, or TVGS, which is widely thought to
play a role in the development of migraines. Activation of the TVGS leads to increased
sensitivity of some nerve cells in the brain than then leads to increased pain signals,
which in turn increases TVGS activity, creating a positive feedback loop that keeps you stuck
in the grips of a migraine. CBD acts on a part of the TVGS, helping to
stabilize it and decrease its action, thereby reducing the migraine symptoms. And what’s great about CBD is that it can
be taken at any point in a migraine, not just at the onset, and still be effective. Patients with migraines have reported that
CBD has helped decrease pain from debilitating to manageable or alleviated their symptoms
completely. In addition, taking CBD preventatively on
a routine basis can reduce the frequency, duration and severity of migraines for those
who are regular migraine sufferers. This is thought to be due to the fact that
those who suffer from conditions that feature an enhanced pain response, like migraine,
have often been found to have a clinical endocannabinoid deficiency. Dose needs vary based on your size, how well
you absorb the CBD, and your metabolism. You may find it helpful to take a certain
dose of CBD daily for prevention, and then you may need to take a slightly higher dose
to get rid of a migraine once it has started. Start by taking a certain amount daily, notate
what amount you took, and increase incrementally until you notice your migraines improving. If you have any further questions about migraines
and CBD, please leave them in the comments and we’ll try to address them in future
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in treating your migraines, we would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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