Cat & Kitten Care : Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Cats
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Cat & Kitten Care : Home Remedies for Diarrhea in Cats

September 7, 2019

Let’s talk about home remedies for diarrhea
in cats. The first thing, is what is the diagnosis? A veterinarian really should make the diagnosis,
of what the cause is for diarrhea in your cat, because there can be multiple different
reasons, and so home remedies may not work, if there is something going on, such as a
parasite, like Toxidia, like Giardia, something like that. We also see lots of inflammatory
bowel disease, food allergy, and things like that, that can cause diarrhea in cats, so
at the direction of your clinic, as far as diarrhea and home remedies are concerned,
you never ever want to give an over the counter product as an anti-diarrheal, to your cat,
because that can be toxic to them, so always ask first before you give any home remedy.
We tend to use a couple of things. One is pumpkin, canned pumpkin is a fiber matrix,
and giving that to your cat, can sometimes help to slow down diarrhea. We also tend to
use probiotics, in a lot of cats with diarrhea, that is active culture yogurt, so plain or
vanilla flavored yogurt with active cultures, Lactobacillus and Acidophilus, can be used
as a supplement, to help diarrhea in cats, as well. Otherwise, you need to talk with
your clinic, and again, diagnosis is the first key to finding out what’s going on.

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  1. Very helpful. I also think milk messes them up, even if you only give them as a treat just once or twice a year (mine anyway).

  2. My cat is picky…she won't eat any other foods but chicken and her regular canned food….so this method won't work on her.

  3. I had to switch to a higher quality of dry food because my one cat had the crystals since I changed the food, my other cat has had diarrhea. I put more water bowls around the house and I can tell both of them are drinking more water by the amount of water displaced, he had a checkup and he got a clean bill of health. I don't want to change the food back since it caused the crystals in the other cat, no change in the amount he is eating either. Anything I can do to make the change easier on him?

  4. my cat has got diarrhea and it contain some particles of blood in it and doctor subscribed a medicine called betamox but there no change can u please give me any help

  5. I was have 4 kitten ..2 of them died cause of diarrhea.. Now i have 2 .. I gave them a medicine for diarrhea each 8h .. One of them so good.. But the other one cant move.. She cant carry on.. She just crawling and always sleep .. What i have to do now? I stoped giving them milk cause the diarrhea was so strong!! I need help please

  6. I got a 4 wk old kitty ab 5 days ago she's been bot feeding ab 3 oz every 4-5 hrs i gave her dry food yesterday a tbsp was fine till this morn i tried feed milk from bowl she drank a lil bit n then got diareah should i.just give water today

  7. i have a newborn kitten and she have a diarrhea so how can i give her the pumpkin should i cook it and make it as a soup or what? because she can only drink,please help!

  8. PLEASE HELP.⚠️⚠️⚠️ The first week I had my kitten she was perfectly fine and after a food change developed severe diarrhea. I took her to the vet and she was prescribed metronidazole. I believe this medicine is killing her because she's only getting worse and has now had a seizure and facial ticks. DOES ANYONE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH metronidazole!!!!

  9. IM FUCKING BROKE STOP SAYING 'YOU NEED TO GO TO THE VET' Not even vets care about animals anymore, all anyone cares about is money. Like what if you can't afford it then shrug wait until your pet dies.

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  11. If you wouldn't experiment on yourself, please don't experiment on your cat. You need to find a place that will let you bring in a fecal and urine sample. A test like this shouldn't be that expensive. Call some local nonprofits or shelters to ask for recommendations.

  12. I just went through a period of stress because my Siamese kitten had serious diarrhea for plus minus 2-3 weeks. After some research I realized the problem was cow milk. My cat was allergic to it. I stopped giving him milk and took the normal cat pellets away. I gave him a raw egg mixed with rice for two days as a diet. On day 1-4, in the morning, I gave him an eighth portion of an Allerway 5, Levocetrizine dhydrochloride 5mg, tablet crushed mixed with a quarter teaspoon of cornflour and half teaspoon of water. From day 3-5 I gave him his normal cat pellets sprinkled with quarter teaspoon of cornflour. From day 5 his stomach became normal and his diarrhea was something of the past. I did this treatment whilst I noticed that he was not ok and stopped the treatment as soon as I noticed that things are becoming normal. This ensured that the kitten is not overdosed in which case could cause other problems.

  13. Thank you for your advice Doc but you forgot to tell us the real Good thing for darea in cats the name of the product it called ELECTROLYTE or PEDIALYTE great for dehydration or darea in cats or kittens

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