Can Teething Cause Diarrhea in Babies?
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Can Teething Cause Diarrhea in Babies?

October 10, 2019

Can Teething Cause Diarrhea in Infants? Teething can be pretty awful for your baby with all the hurtful teething symptoms that can happen such as hurting gums and constant drooling. If you add diarrhea into this picture, it makes things quite dirty. But let’s figure out if teething is the cause of diarrhea in teething babies. Just as with some other symptoms such as fever and vomiting during teething, diarrhea is also one of those symptoms that parents or professionals may mistake as teething symptom but is actually caused by external factors. The best explanation as as to why diarrhea happens during teething is that when your baby is teething and looking to chew on something, they are most likely picking up objects that may contain bacteria and putting it in their mouth. This can cause unwanted germs entering their bodies causing them to have a bad case of diarrhea. To avoid your baby from having diarrhea while teething, there are a few solutions you can follow. Keep your baby hydrated with high quality water. Choose easier to process foods such as fruits and vegetables. Make sure toys and other objects that your baby plays with is clean. Kute Keiki offers teething toys that are made out of silicone which is a hypoallergenic, BPA free, and resistant to bacteria, so they are the safest baby teethers you can use to avoid having a sick baby. If your baby has diarrhea, wait a few days and see if it passes and if not, see your pediatrician to see if it is part of a bigger problem. So Can Teething Cause Diarrhea in Teething Toddlers? The only proven symptoms of teething are excessive drooling, gum swelling and sensitivity as well as irritability or fussiness. Your little one may also be doing a lot of biting as this is a natural reflex of teething especially if they are young as 3 months of age. While this milestone is never fun, know that it will all pass soon and that doesn’t last forever. Your usually happy baby will appear soon again!

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