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Blood Pressure

September 15, 2019

Blood pressure is the force that the
blood exerts against the walls the arteries. The higher the blood
pressure the more the force. Well high blood pressure
is a measure of how hard the heart is working to try to push the blood
out into the arteries and if the heart is working harder, then the
blood pressure will go up. A healthy blood pressure level is about
120 over 80. Once it gets above that, your doctor’s
gonna wanna check you to see if it’s persistently high. People that are older are at risk for
high blood pressure. People that have had blood pressure
problems in the past. People that may be on certain medications.
You should see a doctor every year to have your blood pressure checked as
part your annual physical exam. They call hypertension “the silent killer”
because a lot of American adults don’t know that they have it. And seeing the doctor’s office would give
them an opportunity to find out.

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