Blood Pressure Control? Stop Obsessing About The Blood Pressure Number
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Blood Pressure Control? Stop Obsessing About The Blood Pressure Number

October 17, 2019

hello so you’ve got high blood pressure
and you’re having problems achieving good control. Now because of that, you
have become obsessed with your blood pressure readings. Now, I’ve got a message
here for you that will probably resonate with you. If you’re interested, you should
stay tuned I’ll see you after the channel intro now for today is 20/20 Hello, welcome back
I’m Dr Joe of So, I want to talk to you about a psychosomatic angle
of high blood pressure that is often ignored. Now, I would just want to say
this before I continue. When I talk to you about high blood pressure I’m talking to
you from a unique position. Unique position in the sense that I am a
medical doctor and I also suffer from high blood pressure. But I’ve been able
to come through to the other side. Get my blood pressure under control. So, a lot
of what you’re going through I’ve probably gone through them as well
probably not all of it but I’ve gone through a lot of all those psychosomatic
problems that you may be experiencing at the moment as far as high blood pressure
is concerned. So one aspect to this video is to let you know that whatever you’re
going through is surmountable. You’re gonna come through the other side a
winner okay. So, this video was actually inspired by a lady who’s been visiting
my blog and she wrote me this letter and I’ll just read it out to you. It says,
Dear Joe, I’ve been having problems with my blood pressure I was diagnosed
with high blood pressure eight months ago and prescribed medications by my
doctor. I was prescribed hydrochlorothiazide and Atenolol
pills which I’m using regularly but my blood pressure is stuck at 150/100
mmHg. I can’t seem to get it down. Even when I check my blood
pressure 12 times a day it is still the same. What should I do?
Now what is happening to this lady is not unique okay.
Checking your blood pressure 12 times a day is obsessive. But I know why she’s
doing it. You might not be checking yours you know 12 times a day you might be
checking yours just 4 or 5 times a day. But either way regularly checking
your blood pressure so many times a day you know borders on obsession and I want
you to stop doing that. Why is that? well obsessing about your
blood pressure numbers only leads to one thing. ANXIETY. So you check your blood
pressure, it is high, you become anxious and then you check it again of course
it’s going to stay the same or it’s going to be higher and then that leads
to more anxiety and then you check your blood pressure again it is higher. So, you get
into this anxiety-high blood pressure anxiety-higher blood pressure more anxiety. You get into that loop of anxiety and high blood pressure. Now I
want you to stop obsessing about your blood pressure readings unless your
blood pressure is 180/120 and above when it’s that yes it makes sense to
obsess about it and you should be seeking medical attention straight away
but below that I want you to stop obsessing about it unless it’s very very
high. The reason for this is: like I’ve just said, it leads to anxiety and
anxiety will not help you control your blood pressure. It is counterproductive. I
just want to add that I know why we obsess about our blood pressure readings.
I’ve been there, I’ve done it. But I’ve found out that it’s actually counterproductive
and it doesn’t help my blood pressure management. So, just like I have jumped
out of that loop, I also want you to jump out of that loop because it is
counterproductive. Why do we do it? Well, it’s because we’ve been set a target. A
target of 120/80 mmHg. as being normal. This is been provided by
the guidelines. Now, here’s one thing. The guidelines have been set for us but they
do not take a lot of factors into consideration. Factors like racial
differences, genetic differences. These have a role to play in the origin of
high blood pressure and how we tolerate high blood pressure. Now, I know for a fact
that black people, we develop high blood pressure at an earlier age. We have worse
high blood pressure outcomes and we’re also most salt-sensitive compared to other
races. Now the guidelines don’t take all of this into consideration and I
understand why you know they do that. I sympathize with the guideline developers
because they cannot develop different guidelines for different subsets of
people. So, they cannot develop guidelines for
black people, guidelines for Caucasians another set of guidelines for Asians
another set of guidelines for Hispanics it’s just going to get very cumbersome
and confusing so they have to go for a sweet spot for all of us but it is safe
to say that there is still you know genetic and racial differences and we
have to take that into consideration whilst we chasing the target price which
is 120/80 mmHg The next point I want to make is this. If
you have isolated high blood pressure that is to say you all you have is high
blood pressure with no associated risk factors then your risk of developing
complications is a lot less. Your risk is not zero but it is a lot less. What are
these associated risk factors? Well, I’m talking about things like heavy smoking,
heavy use of alcohol, being overweight, high cholesterol, high blood sugars which
may translate as insulin resistance as well as high triglycerides. If you’ve
got those risk factors, then your risk of developing complications is a lot higher.
Now, what I want you to do is this: if you’ve got those risk factors then I
want you instead of focusing on your blood pressure readings, I want you to
focus on reversing those risk factors and some of them are easily done. For
instance, you can stop smoking. You can start losing the fat. You can take steps
to lower your cholesterol. So, rather than focusing on you know your blood pressure
readings, I want you to concentrate your efforts on reversing those risk factors
because if you doing that in actual fact when you do that your blood pressure
will begin to fall in line. The next thing I want to talk about is related to what
called the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system has two
aspects to it It’s got the sympathetic as well as the
parasympathetic nervous system. Now you don’t need to know the ins and out of how the autonomic nervous system works but what you need to know is that the
parasympathetic calms you down. It reduces your heart rate
and it also lowers your blood pressure That’s why you want the parasympathetic
nervous system to dominate the sympathetic and what does the
sympathetic do? It actually does the exact opposite of what the parasympathetic does and that’s why you want
the parasympathetic. How do you get the parasympathetic nervous system to be
more influential than the sympathetic? Well, there are several ways of doing
that. One of them is; deep breathing but I’m not going to get into the various
ways of getting your parasympathetic nervous system to become more dominant.
that’s a subject for a future video but for now, what I want you to do is
watch that my video on the herbal teas that will help you to lower your high
blood pressure and look out for those teas that will help you to calm your mind and
body down. Those are the teas you want to go for. We don’t know how those herbal teas
work but my theory is that; they probably reset the anxiety center in the brain
and that way they will help you to deal with anxiety. And if you able to deal
with anxiety, well that’s half the battle won as far as high blood pressure
control is concerned and the more things you do that will allow the parasympathetic
nervous system to become dominant, the better you’ll be at actually
controlling your high blood pressure I’ve talked about a lot of things in
this video. I’ve talked about the fact that I want you to jump out of the high
blood pressure-anxiety loop because it is counterproductive. I’ve talked about
the limitations of the blood pressure guidelines. I’ve talked about the fact
that if you’ve got risk factors then I want you, instead of focusing on your
blood pressure readings, to actually take steps to reverse those risk factors
because if you do that your blood pressure control will fall in line. I’ve
also talked about the fact that I want you to allow the parasympathetic nervous
system to become dominant over the sympathetic. Now, if you enjoyed this
video and you liked it, please give it a Thumbs up. If what I’ve said here actually
resonates with you, please do leave a comment in the comment section you know
I like to hear from you okay right there leave a comment there and if you know
somebody who’s got high blood pressure it would actually make sense for you to
share this video with them because if you do that, you’ll be caring for them. I
think that’s about oh if you haven’t subscribed yet. If you’re new to this
channel and you haven’t subscribed well please do subscribe. I like your
company. The subscription button is just right there in the bottom right corner
there. I think that’s about it in this video but before I sign out, I just want
to say this. If you’ve got high blood pressure, please do not panic.
In the end, you’re gonna be fine, okay. We’ll work together and you’re going there in the
end Until next time, this is Dr Joe signing

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  2. everything you said doctor is trully for me to follow…thank you for all the information..yess im obessed always every min.readung my bp.😂😂😂and your i feel anxious every time i saw 140/80 readings…
    well because i stop taking my maintenance…

  3. This is very informative and reassuring. Thank you for such educative and enlightening video.

  4. Hi Dr. Joe I agree with every thing you said. When I get my pressure checked its always high the first time because I'm always scared it will be extremely high so my doctor waits until I'm relaxed before he checks my pressure again and it's always lower than what it was…thank you so much. About to check your other videos.

  5. Amazing video on controlling blood pressure. This will help lot of people with high blood pressure – no doubt about that. Thanks Dr Joe

  6. Dr. only by listening to you my blood pressure is going to go down and I hope I will be cured God will bless you for you goodness Amen

  7. I recently discovered that I have high blood pressure when I collapsed at with 174/112
    I was rushed to the hospital and my pulse was 99. I was recommended for ICU which I refused. They took my blood samples and other machine tests. Two days it lowered to 143/96 but still high. I was told to be on medication the rest of my life. Scared but when I watch deep breathing from Dr. Joe, I have tried it whenever I feel it's coming.
    Thanks for the knowledge and safety precautions.

  8. Dr Joe, thank you for this Vedic, it was informative and practical. But could you try to speak a little more slowly without taking such deep breaths and I will enjoy your other various even more. Thank you. Evie

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  13. Omg this is me…7+ times per day.. and it rarely change… Only when I don't check it often and follow good eating and resting and exercise

  14. @drjoetv thanks. Hearing this is helping. I’ve been obsessive. I check mine 5x a day. I’ve been 130’s over 95 or under and I get stressed. I’m 38 and recently had a echocardiogram and angiogram done. Everything came out good. I want to exercise but I’m scared, I quit drinking just over a year ago and I don’t smoke. I’m so obsessive that my anxiety makes me stay stuck at home. But watching this helps. Thank you.

  15. Hi Dr Joe.Thank you very much for taking the time to care for adders.My BP run between 229/119 some time hire.. I'm eating better I'm exercising I don't no what else to do. My dentist don't want to work with me because every time I have an appointment my BP up. What can I do?

  16. Everything you say is true – anxiety attacks do raise the bp. It is just like when you go to the doctor, the bp reading is always high; I used to call it 'white coat syndrome'. People have to stop obsessing about hpb. I used to be very conscious of it but now I do not anymore. Instead as you said, focus on lowering the risk factors and all will fall in place. I wear a smart watch which checks the bp also so once a day I will check it and it is normal. Thanks for your detailed explanation Dr. Joe.

  17. I've been suffering for a year now. This has been the best video I watched. I've taken off my fitbit and stopped my compulsive blood pressure checking. Thank you Doctor Joe 🤗

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    I really like your comfortable speed and tempo of your short lecture.besides your sensible advice. Thank you.

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