B57 Smartwatch : Blood Pressure Monitor  – Is it reliable?
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B57 Smartwatch : Blood Pressure Monitor – Is it reliable?

December 6, 2019

While the b-57 SmartWatch includes blood
pressure monitor feature which is not available in expensive smartwatches but
can this be a reason for you to get the B57? hi this is SmartWatchauthority
.com and we have another video for the B 57 SmartWatch so the B 57 SmartWatch
comes with a blood pressure monitor feature and having a blood pressure
monitor on your wrist can actually be helpful and can be life-saving on the
expensive smartwatches the popular ones are the omron SmartWatch and the Galaxy
watch active although with a Galaxy watch active they are only available in
some countries for the b-57 blood pressure monitor feature be reliable to
compare with other expenses smartwatches that has this feature we are going to
compare the B 57 to a real medical device that measures blood pressure and
we are going to get some reading on the B 57 as well we tried it a few times to
make sure we get a consistent reading first I tested my blood pressure using a
table top blood pressure monitor and the tests returned a borderline blood
pressure as expected when you just finished eating your dinner so it
returned 139 over 94 and on the B 57 returned 108 over 74 which is a great
big discounted difference on the second try the table top blood
pressure monitor returned 140 over 97 which is still considered consistent
with the first try. on the B 57 on the second reading returned 113 over 75
which can also be considered consistent I took a break for a few minutes and
took a deep breath before doing the last test the table top monetary turned 132
over 89 but the B 57th last reading was 126 over 72 I noticed the diastolic
reading under B 57 has been very consistent within 72 to 75
I would say the b-57 smartwatch blood pressure monitor is far discounted with
its reading to the actual reading compared to a table top blood pressure
monitor which is a medical device the reading on the b-57 is pretty much low
compared to the real reading so what do you think comment down below your
thoughts and suggestions well that’s it if you find this video helpful please
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