astuce et remède maison pour baisser la tension artérielle
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astuce et remède maison pour baisser la tension artérielle

August 30, 2019

Hello my loves,
Welcome to my youtube channel, again me pink moony, today I will want
talk to you about high blood pressure but before going into the thick of it, think
to subscribe and also the bell of notifications , share this so that it reaches a maximum
of people, because it allows To treat your diseases cheaper. I specify that these treatments
traditional products are within the reach of all. And these recipes of trades-practitioners have
immediate results for high blood pressure it you
will need: 1. Get a liter of leaf extract
of avocado by decoction, add ¼ liter of honey, drink a morning drink
and tonight this will keep it simply and effectively that’s your voltage under
control. You can follow the treatment as long
as possible. Tomato, quick fix
Of all the fruits, the tomato comes out pin of the game: indeed, it has various
properties among which we find a strong detoxifying and antioxidant power.
tomato makes it possible to participate in to protect against various diseases
like some types of cancer.The tomato contains many vitamins like vitamins
A and C but also amino acids that contribute to gradually reduce our
blood pressure. Vitamins make it easy the absorption of iron and strengthen the defenses
immune.It also contains potassium who will regulate and prevent the appearance
bad cholesterol that attaches to the walls of the arteries and triggers as well
their hypertrophy, raising the tension blood. If for one reason or another you
can not do this preparation what would be a shame though, so take ½ glass
of lemon juice, add 03 spoonfuls to honey soup + crushed garlic clove.
Drink 04 tablespoons morning and evening for a month this under regular control
of your blood pressure in a center if you do not have the blood pressure monitor
at home, in parallel, respect these little ones stp tips:
Do not eat too much salt, do not smoke, do not do not drink alcohol, do regularly
Sport. Also know that Eat every day three
to four cloves of garlic, stabilizes the tension. If you ever love, do not hesitate
to share so that it reaches a maximum of people, put on. Blue thumbs done
always warm to the heart XOXO

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