ASMRathon! Day 5: The White Witch Cures Your Headache [In Babbeltongue]
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ASMRathon! Day 5: The White Witch Cures Your Headache [In Babbeltongue]

October 10, 2019

Greetings, darling friend of mine… Please, come hither, and rest your feet How can I be of service to you? Oh, I know there is something wrong I can feel the energies miles before they reach my doorstep I felt a stinging pain as you crossed into my property Followed by a dullness. Come now, What is troubling you, dear? A headache… I would have guessed that it was a headache… And when did it start, this headache? I see. Has it been going on a while? A while… I can sense your pain… It’s concentrated here, and here… It hasn’t let up for a few days, is that so? Have you gone to rest with dampened hair, per chance? No? No no no no no no… And now for this side… Have you gotten any water in the ears at all? After swimming? No? Then it must not be brought on physically… Let me see.. This is internal. It comes from inside here. The headache, obviously… … but also the cause of it… You must be overworking yourself, child… I know what the cause of this headache is… Long hours of study or work… little resting time… overthinking… Please place your hands like this. Yes, a student of life.. You do work hard, I see.. You aren’t lazy… this is good.. Not lazy.. yes… very hard working… But sometimes, it can be a bad thing… Yes, it can.. As you can see here… And do you ever rest? This headache is caused by “strain”… The Commonfolk call this… “Stress” And it can be one of the worst causes of many unwanted symptoms… No, it’s truly awful.. I can try to get rid of this for you today, child. We will need to call upon some of the Faiths, of course… The Faiths… And of course, your total and complete self-surrenderance And of course, a few incantations… For this, we will need to consult My Book… Yes, my wonderful One… Let us see what we can find in It’s pages.. Please breathe in normally during this… I will be occasionally touching your face to maintain contact with the points in question… Alright? Of course, young one… Let’s see now…. A spell for a headache… Give me, o trusted One, a cure for this nuisance… A cure for this nuisance… A cure for this nuisance… A headache… a cure for this nuisance.. A cure for this nuisance… A cure for this nuisance. My Beloved One hath spoken… The Faiths will grant you pardon from this burden you carry…. You are worthy of sanity of mind. Oh yes.. Now we will see what must be done to lift you from this curse. Let us see. It is a Spell to lessen the pain and remove worries and thoughts provoking stress.. I will read this out for you, and you will do as I say. I will read it now. I will read and imagine.. It is important to generate images in the Mind’s Eye As you manifest your worries into the abyss… Head a… aaa… aa.. aache. Head…aaaache.. Headache… headache… Leave this child of the Moon.. Leave this child of the Stars… Leave this child of the Sun Leave… And allow the child to be free. Leave…. and allow the child to breathe .. Breathe…. breathe…. breathe.. As it was before you.. Leave this child… Leaaaaave…. .. Now we must make contact Out, out out… Hands out. Remedy. Remedy. Shake it out of the child. One, two… three, four.. Direct contact.. Manifestation.. …and now be gone… Manifestation… be gone.. Touch your head now, like so… Pulllllll……….. No no no no… I see you, demon of plague… Out….you…go.. Out…. out… We do not need you, any more… We want you no more.. No more… Positive energies from mine… And into yours… Corpus… corpus… corpus… Fix, fix, fix, fix…. Leave, leave leave… leave, leave.. Take it out…. take it out… Away… I feel as though we have ridden the bad spirit.. Please show me thy hands once more. Pain line has been lifted… Gone…. Perfect… I do not see it here any longer. This is wonderful. The other one, my child.. It is not here either.. Gone completely. We have lifted this pain from you and sent it out into the heavens. How are you feeling? This pleases me. Of course, dear. I would do anything for you, of course. I care about you a great deal. Yes, it’s true. It’s true. You may leave here in peace. Blessed be. Blessed be. Blessed be, dear. Any time you are in need of assistance, I will be here to help you. Go in peace. Blessed be. I bid you farewell, dearest one.

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  1. Hey friends!! Turn on your [CC] Closed Captions for this video to see translations of the Babbeltongue language! (It somehow saved as "Bangla" but they're in English — promise!!) Clickity clickity if you haven't mastered the language yet, and need a little help! ;D

  2. YES! God I love the white witch character so much, as soon as I saw the video I screeched!!
    I loved this so much, babbletongue is so tingly and your hand movements were AMAZING. My headache was definitely cured.

    I'm noticing that her appearance is starting to take on a different hue and become messier, which makes me wonder if it was done on purpose? Like a hint of her going down a darker magic path? Lol I like thinking too deeply about your rps, dont mind me. I especially loved the dark blue makeup and the gorgeous lipstick, it looked wonderful on you!
    I hope it's not the last we'd see of the witch series, it's easily my favorite of your rps. <3

  3. Subscribing to you was my greatest decision yet.. turning on notifs so I can see you uploaded when I have time to check my phone and watch….even better 😍

  4. I don't know what it is about when you do babbletongue but wow tingles, tingles, and more tingles!!!! Thank you

    Blessed be

  5. OH MY GOD YOU MADE IT😱I commented under your last white witch video a couple days ago and you did it 😭idk if it’s coincidence or because you seen my request but thank you!! ❤️❤️

  6. Happy New Year to you and everybody in the comment section! ❤️ This's a great video to get the new year started! ❤️ Veeery relaxing! 😌 I didn't realise you were talking an actual language 'til I saw your pinned comment, haha! ❤️

  7. Have you ever watched any of the Marvel Netflix shows? Skin color aside obviously, this makeup makes you look a lot like Claire Temple.

  8. I don't know if you follow Game of Thrones at all, but I think you could do some of those characters beautifully! Cersei, Sansa, Daenerys, Margaery, etc. Love you! ❤❤❤

  9. You are absolutely incredible. So creative. It would be easy to find something people like and play safe. But not you and that’s what makes you so special. You and gentlewhispering are my favorite asmrtists. Please, don’t ever stop. You’re truly amazing.

  10. “White Witch” always makes me think of Jadis from the Chronicles Of Narnia, which, to be fair, I think you would pull off beautifully.

  11. I was scrolling through my homepage and at first glance I thought this said “The white bitch cures your headache” I was like what the heck LMAO

  12. sounds like french combined with something else i can't quite put my finger on
    edit: upon further contemplation, i'm feeling strong russian energies

  13. How did you know I had a headache? Spot-on timing and roleplay! I got serious tingles during the direct contact part!

  14. Uno dei video ASMR più belli che ho mai visto visto! Una strega non cattiva, ma rilassante e dolcissima. Complimenti, ti seguo assiduamente e mi colpisce la tua bravura e la bellezza e l'intensità dei tuoi occhi

  15. This language is so relaxing to listen to! Do you have certain words and phrases like actually translated somewhere or do you just make it up as you go??

  16. D'ya know why dyslexic witches never last long? Bacchus they can't SPELL pro-purr-ly. Makes sense when you drink about it. >^.^<

  17. I reeeaaallllyyy wanna see and ASMRtist do a Scarlet Witch rp, think you can pull it off? Russian accent, hand movements, etc

  18. How…. does she get her tongue so….

    … its.. the cleanest, pinkest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen… a truly flawlessly healthy tongue.

  19. Just so you know it’s not right to be enjoying evil 👿 influences this is a sin and god does not like it.😡😡😡

  20. NERD ALERT: If you paid close attention, you could see that she was looking off to the side a lot. Which makes me think that she is reading lines for the language "Babbletongue." Also, if you have Duolingo, you can learn Vyalyran which is a made up language. I think Duolingo should make Babbletongue a language. 🤣🤓

  21. As someone who lives this babbletongue style of unintelligible whispering and who also suffers from frequent headaches, I loved this video. Your makeup is also amazing! I hope we see more of this kind witch and her magical language soon, and maybe also that faun who spoke in similar tongues?

  22. If this turns into a full on series with lore, my personal interpretation of the appearance change is the type of magic she used. What if, depending on what kind of magic you specialize in, your skin and appearance degrades in ways based off that. Like in the previous video, she used organic objects to power the magic, but in this one, she uses celestial assistance (“the Faiths”). Anyway, a very cool video.

  23. Watching this cause I actually DO have a headache, thanks Ella❤
    Edit: the tingles helped!

  24. (In english translation) "For this, we will need to consult my book"
    Me: "Looks like your book says I should take advil."
    Wonderful asmr!

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