Arginine To Lower High Blood Pressure – Arginin For Hypertension
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Arginine To Lower High Blood Pressure – Arginin For Hypertension

September 2, 2019

Arginine For Lowering Blood Pressure
Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Here’s a NATURAL way to lower your blood pressure.
Without having to take toxic pharmaceutical drugs.
You know, the ones with the possible side effects.
Instead, you can try ARGININE. Arginine is an amino acid.
We get it in the food we eat, like red meat, chicken, fish, nuts, beans and even watermelon.
Our body needs arginine to make compounds that dilate our blood vessels.
Arginine relaxes and dilates our blood vessels. It does this by naturally stimulating our
body’s own production of nitric oxide. And it does so without side effects.
When our blood vessels dilate, blood pressure falls.
For various reasons, as we get older we may need to take arginine supplements.
But not too much. So what dose of arginine is recommended?
About four grams per day. The exact amount depends on your weight.
If you’re mathematically inclined, here’s a formula for calculating your daily dosage
of arginine. The dose of arginine equals your weight in
kilograms, divided by ten, and multiplied by zero point five.
Here’s a BIG TIP. Arginine works synergistically with vigorous
exercise to bring high blood pressure down. An hour after taking arginine supplements,
EXERCISE. Go for a brisk walk, go jogging, ride your
bike, or go for a swim. Pick an exercise you enjoy.
Arginine will lower your blood pressure in a safe and natural way for a couple of days.
Which might mean you’ll only need to take it every other day.
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  1. I'm not a doctor, so can't say… I never take a supplement consistently. I take it a day, then observe the effects. There's no magic bullet supplement, and too much of one leads to backfiring in other areas, so it's a balance.

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