Are Herbal Teas Good For You?
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Are Herbal Teas Good For You?

November 4, 2019

Hello! Well are herbal teas actually good
for your overall health? The question is how Tea’d up are you? Now I’m going to
answer that question in a different format. What do I mean by that? Well stick
around and I’ll see you in a couple of seconds. Now for today’s 20/20 idea to
better health. Please welcome on stage Dr Joe I’m Dr Joe of Now, if
this is your first time on this channel can I extend a warm welcome to you. This
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notified of future videos that I make. So today I want to talk about whether herbal
teas are good for our overall health Now I want to do this in a different
format. I don’t know whether it’s been done on YouTube before but I believe is
probably YouTube first. But I may be wrong. So, we’re gonna be talking about
these herbal teas in a quiz format You’re gonna have 10 questions and
you’re gonna have 7 seconds to answer each of those questions and of
course the question will be followed by the correct answer and also an
explanation as to why that answer is the right answer and by the way if you want
to get your hands on those teas that I’m gonna be talking about, well there’re
gonna to be links in the Pinned comments which would be right below the video.
Right on top of the comment section. So, without further ado, let’s get on with it.
So, how Tea’d up are you? The beauty of this little quiz is that you’re gonna have 10
questions that will refresh and boost your knowledge about herbal teas. So let’s
get cracking Question 1. Herbal tea consumption is a
scientifically tested way of actually improving your health. Your options are
true or false. 7 seconds. if you said ‘False’ then you will be wrong.
The answer is True herbal teas should constitute part of a
wider strategy to improve your health There’s plenty of evidence to show that
drinking herbal teas is a way of protecting your heart,
protecting your bones and also improving your overall well-being. It’s also
flavorful way to hydrate your body every day.
In fact, herbal teas are a good alternative to water because herbal teas are
calorie-free and you have lots of flavors to actually choose from. Question 2. Is
there scientific evidence that hibiscus tea is effective in reducing blood
pressure? Your options are: Yes, there is or No, there isn’t. 7 seconds. The
answer is; Yes, there is. Indeed Diane Mckay and her colleagues carried out a 6-week study
in which they gave hibiscus tea individuals with pre-hypertensive or suffered from mild hypertension and they found that it was effective. Indeed, they
came up with the conclusion that daily consumption of hibiscus tea in an
amount that you can readily incorporate into your diet actually lowers blood
pressure in those individuals. Now, does that mean only people with pre-hypertension or mild hypertension, the ones who can use hibiscus tea? No. If
you’ve got even severe hypertension, moderate hypertension, then of course you
can still use it. It’s just that, it’s not gonna be the only remedy that you will
be using. You going to have others as well Question 3. Green tea and black tea are
made from different plants. True or False? 7 seconds. If you said ‘False’, you’ll
be correct. Green tea and black tea are made from the leaves of camellia
sinensis. So, they come from the same plant. Question 4. Which one of these
teas has the highest caffeine content? Green tea, black tea or matcha tea. 7
seconds. The answer is matcha tea. Now here is the
caffeine content in all those three teas in this order. Matcha tea has the highest,
followed by black tea and then green tea having the least amount. Question 5. What
is this distinguishing feature between green tea and black tea? Is it the color? Is
it the addition of extra ingredients or is it flowers or is it a processing. 7
seconds. If you said processing, you will be correct. Processing is the main
difference between green tea and black tea because both teas actually derived
from the Camellia sinensis leaves but when the leaves are oxidized and
fermented they turn black has the color of the black tea. Question 6. Some herbal
teas derive their benefit from having polyphenols or flavonoids. All of the
above or None of the above. 7 seconds. if you said, ‘None of the above’ then you
will be wrong. The answer is; All of the above.
Lots of herbal teas contain flavonoids. In particular, catechins, polyphenols. These
are the antioxidants actually help us mop up free radicals in our body. Hence,
they are quite beneficial. Question 7. Some herbal teas can have the following
effect. Calm the bowel down. Useful for resolving nausea. Useful for our immune
system. Mind calming. All of the above or None of the above.
7 seconds If you said; All of the above, then you
will be correct Holy basil and Tulsi tea have been
used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries to help boost the immune
system They were used after injuries and during
illnesses on account of their antibacterial, antifungal and
anti-inflammatory properties. Cat’s Claw tea actually has similar benefits.
Chamomile tea is also good for people with irritable bowel syndrome because it
helps with spasms and Chamomile tea is also good for calming the mind. Ginger tea has
anti nausea effect. So, as you can tell they all have different functions and
that is how they are beneficial for us Question 8. Iced teas are a healthy way of
actually consuming herbal teas. True or false? 7 seconds. If you said ‘False’
then you will be correct Plain teas are actually calorie-free. They
don’t come with added sugar. But iced teas are actually spiced with added sugar
meaning they come with calorie load. Indeed, some bottles will contain between 60 –
90 calories. So, if you’re drinking 3, 4, 5 bottles of these iced tea
in a day, you can actually see how they will facilitate weight gain. Next
question. Question 9. How long should you let your herbal teas to steep for
before drinking them? 30 seconds. 1 minute 3 minutes. 5 minutes. You’ve got 7 seconds to
answer this question. if you said 5 minutes, then you will
be correct 5 minutes is how long it takes to get
the antioxidants out of your herbal teas. So you know it’s nice actually allow them
to steep for a long time. I actually steep mine for much longer than 5 minutes.
Question 10. Rooibos tea which is also known as red
bush tea has been shown to reduce blood pressure by research? True or false? You’ve
got 7 seconds. If you say ‘False’ then you will be wrong. The answer is, True.
Research has shown that rooibos tea does actually block what we call the
angiotensin converting enzyme, 30 to 60 minutes after consuming it. It’s the same
way that medications like ramipril, lisinopril, captopril. These are called
ACE inhibitors. This is how they also work. So in this case, you’ll be getting
rooibos tea without the side effect and you’ll be having the same effect. So, as
you can tell rooibos tea is also a good blood
pressure lowering herbal tea. So, how was it for you? Did you enjoy it?
I certainly did. Please let me know if you enjoyed it. As usual give it a ‘Thumbs
up’. Please share this video with your friends, family and colleagues and I also
want to know because this is the first time I’m using this format, I need a
feedback from you. Was the 7 seconds just ok? Was it too long? Was it too short
or was it about right? Did you enjoy the music that accompanied the questions or
was it distracting. I need a feedback from all of you. Leave all your
comments down below as usual okay. I think that’s about it. If you haven’t
subscribed yet, please do subscribe and I think that’s about it. Until next time,
well this is Dr Joe signing out

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  2. This was fun, the music was a bit too loud,
    9 out of 10 not bad…..I would steep my teas sometimes 8 or 10 mins. I like it strong.

  3. I really enjoyed your quiz Dr. Joe… only missed green & black tea coming from the same plant! Guess I wasn't paying close attention while viewing your videos! Wish you were my doctor!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this learning experience format🥀💜🥀 No improvement necessary. You hit it out of the park🍃🥰🍃

  5. Thank you Dr Joe managed to get 9 out of ten. It's timely ordered herbal teas. They have helped me with blood pressure, anxiety and sleep since you gave a video on herbal teas earlier. God bless you

  6. Thanks for yet another useful video doc! Format is good, music is good and overall presentation is good. Of course, the questions were such that the answers are either known, or guessable! How about this question? "Is it tough for a lifelong coffee drinker to switch to tea?" Ans: 1. NO 2. Hell, yes! lol

  7. Thanks Dr. Joe….was very informative. I learnt a lot. The timing & music were okay in my opinion. Was not aware that there was hibiscus tea😮. Every night I have a cup of chamomile before I go to sleep….much safer than Xanax! The soursop leaf also helps with calming the nerves. I drink my various teas without sugar & if it is unpalatable I will use a little honey.

  8. You are always on point Doctor I'm personally blessed to have u sir. Pls keep up the good work. God bless u more I wish I can easily get this tea. The last one u mentioned..

  9. There are hundreds more wonderful teas. Some of my favourites are ginger, nettle, echinacea, and for sleep and dreaming the magical blue lotus. Or for pain and sleep wild lettuce. A good bitter is neem and ashwagandha also cats claw for arthritis

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