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Anorexic art | Caso Cerrado | Telemundo English

August 19, 2019

We’re back. Let’s welcome out our next case with a quote by Mexican
journalist Susanna Millar… “The harmful relationship
between food and body have caused the deaths
of millions of women around the globe.” Bring out the litigants, please. I need her to understand
that anorexia kills. To each their own.
I’m into thin art. Thin art. What a statement. Hello and welcome. Hello, ma’am. Caterina, you’re the plaintiff. Tell me who Clara is, why you’re suing her and
what you’re demanding. I’m here to demand that Clara remove pictures of
me from her blog. And to shut down her blog
promoting anorexia and bulimia. Let me explain. I’m a dancer, ma’am. I’m a classical ballet dancer. Ballet is physically demanding.
It requires sacrifice. Discipline. Lots of it. Taking care of your body is
extremely important. I’d like to show you how my
body looked before I met Clara. Let’s watch the footage. Is this you? Yes. How long ago? A year ago. One year ago. Yes. I could dance.
I was strong. I could spin. I met all the
physical requirements to pursue a career as a dancer. Okay. Got it. What happened then? Up until that moment, I was
happy with my weight. But I became obsessed
with losing weight. I wanted to be the prima
ballerina for my company. Was it mandatory? Did they force you to lose
weight to get leading roles? I forced myself to do it. I thought it’d be
better if I lost weight. I thought I’d feel better. This led me to check
websites like Pro-Ana, which promotes anorexia, and Thinspo, a website that
inspires people to be thin. That’s how I found Clara’s blog. She inspires people visually, by showing pictures of
extremely thin people. “Anorexic art” as she calls it. Is that when you
gave her the pictures? I want to show you
what she promotes. The type of pictures she takes. Let’s look at the pictures. Is this you? That’s me… at my worst. What does it say? “There’s no better
pain than being thin.” That was the worst
moment of my life. It’s terrifying. When I see these pictures I realize how painful it
is to get to that stage. I’m here to put a stop to this. This is a terrible sickness. It’s horrible. That’s when I
started talking to her. She was my guide. Your guide? She started telling me
which diets to follow, the best ways to lose weight
by drinking water and lemon. One day, she invited
me to a photo shoot. Those are the pictures she took. I didn’t invite her.
I hired her. She asked me to drink nothing but water and lemons
for two weeks to get skinnier. That was the worst
moment of my life. After going through that,
I hit rock bottom. My career was ruined.
I had to stop dancing.
00:04:36,644 –>00:04:40,679
The most beautiful ballet I
was a part of was Swan Lake. I fell and broke my tibia.
I had to stop dancing. I’ll never dance again. And that was your calling,
your career and your dream. Now. .. Obviously, you’re recovering. Have you been to a psychologist? This illness is not
about losing weight. We’re talking about
mental illness that makes you
want to lose weight. About eleven months ago,
I was admitted to a hospital. I was in a coma. My body and my mind
couldn’t take it anymore. I was in critical condition. That’s why I’m here today. To demand this lady,
if I can call her that, to remove my pictures. Morally, I don’t
want to be involved with other young people who suffer from this
deadly illness. I understand completely. Clara, how do you respond? First of all, let me
show you this document. Okay. We obviously know
what that document is. It’s a legal contract allowing me to use the pictures
I took for my personal use. Those pictures belong to me. They’re mine,
according to that document. I’m a photographer. Calm down. That’s what I do. Caterina came to my studio
on several occasions to get her pictures taken. Pictures she consented to. She signed for them.
She never had any issues. She even showed
her beautiful smile while she was posing
for the camera. This is a paid job. I paid her for those pictures. All I did with them was
what I told her I’d do. I posted them on my blog. She knew what she
was getting into, if you want to call it that. Okay. Tell me something. Your blog. .. What are you intending
to do with it? What is it about? I want to show
people what I see. I’m an artist. The same way I’ve taken
pictures of other things… Several years ago I
lost a lot of weight. I was heavier. I felt good about myself.
I liked the way I looked. It helped with my self-esteem. I saw the beauty in thinness. I like the human body. I like thin women. I like that my bones show. Wait a second. When does being thin stop
being beautiful to you? Being too thin isn’t healthy. I’m not promoting any
illnesses on my blog. What’s your blog’s name? Mine? Thinness. Thinness? Yes, but I mix it up. Yes.
Thinness. It’s what I show.
The thinness of the human body. -Anorexia.
-No. I’m sorry but this is the first
time I’ve even been sued. The others I’ve photographed,
all of whom have consented, are happy to see
themselves online. -They look beautiful.
-Who’s happy? We want to dictate standards
of beauty to our youth. I’m not dictating anything. We’re the ones telling
them what’s beautiful and what’s not. That’s not true. There’s something for everyone. If I like this, I have
the right to show it. It’s not healthy. It’s not healthy?
Says who? It’s a picture. If you don’t like it,
don’t look. There are other websites. Do you know… Give me a minute. Part of being anorexic… Do you know what anorexia is? Of course. Anorexic people think they look
beautiful when they don’t. How distorted are our views? How can we promote this way
of life to these young girls without knowing where
it can lead them? I only post pictures of
consenting adults. I’ve never taken
pictures of minors. People who just turned 18. We’ll take a short break. Are there any witnesses? Both of you. Stay tuned. Whose pictures are these? My sister. Is she also sick? She died three months ago. That’s how she looked. CASE CLOSED

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