American Dad – Stan is anorexic
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American Dad – Stan is anorexic

August 26, 2019

This latest billion-dollar obstacle course has been designed to push each of you to the limit. You’ll be climbing a net slinking through tires and most dangerous of all Climbing another net of course neither this should be any problem for a fit agent oh Look miss Pinkerton fainted at the market buying canned salmon for her poor sports get up Smith I have no choice, but to suspend you until you deal with your weight problem I Hope all you blubber loving Judas’s are happy. I just got suspended because I’m in such bad shape well Maybe now you’ll listen to us. You’ve become a man obsessed we’re also worried about you. We have crazed anatomy on season pass yes Yes, I was just fine until you all decided to teach me a lesson by scheming against me now even my boss says I have A weight problem you do have a weight problem But it’s not that you’re too fat dad We’ve done some research, and we think your inner x”k what you keep thinking. You’re fat. No matter. How skinny you get that’s ridiculous Look at me It’s worse than we thought I know I’m a huge tub of lard No, you aren’t you’re just suffering from a delusional State Delusional I’m not delusional tell him sack bro. Don’t listen to em Stan there’s no one there who are you talking to see man? This is Francine Steve my daughter Hayley. I know I know, but she won’t wear makeup You

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  1. this is one of my favorite episodes of anything ever. hilarious episode, great message, and above all, a SERIOUS mind-fuck.

  2. It's amazing how much a person's mind affects how they see themselves. It should be impossible for a person to think they're fat when they're so obviously thinner than a beanpole.

  3. I know it was meant to be a twist and a representation of how he perceived himself, but did everyone need to be so vague? And what about the numbers on his scales?

  4. I got the flu 😷😷 and im from the year 999790887643111234568900987521123455568890009999888887776665433334566311123458000086421111223568000988332580865 earth is shit aliens picked me up we chill just turned 15

  5. I have anorexia nervosa a illness that means I don’t eat I also struggle with major self harm I love watching when tv shows include this stuff

  6. This is a serious condition though because when your body is deprived of food it goes into a state where it stores as much fat as possible to survive after this state even if the person wants to eat if they start eating normally they have to face their fear and they will put on a lot of weight

  7. this is so important and i'm so glad they brought attention to how body dysmorphia affects an individual

  8. So in reality when he failed the course, it wasn't because he was fat, he was underweight, super skinny as fuck, makes it look like he has aids or something, anorexic type thing.

  9. i honestly thought they’d be making a joke out of anorexia, but i was wrong. i’m glad they represented ana truthfully and realistically

  10. I dont understand anorexia though. If you weigh yourself and measure your height and calculate your BMI you'll get a solid number to compare to a chart. And numbers dont lie. Right?

  11. when word choice creates a wonderful illusion of a scenario and ends up showing it applied for different reasons

  12. I love how this episode first represented how life through the eyes of someone who's delusional to their condition. Like how we could easily see if someone's anorexic but they couldn't…

    Man these guys had some geniuses writing for them

  13. One funny thing to notice, but Stan wasn't freaking out about Zach being there, considering, you know… the alien in the room?

  14. Oh wow. That’s a shock. I wasn’t expecting him to be thin. I thought he was legit overweight as it showed in the beginning.

  15. Normally I don't watch American Dad. But after seeing the twist, holy crap. You actually think he's fat until the family breaks reality. That is one of the best representations of mental health I've seen.

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