Action Planning, Diabetes and Exercise: Role Play, Demo, Foundations
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Action Planning, Diabetes and Exercise: Role Play, Demo, Foundations

September 2, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, Suki. How are you? Hi, Nan. Nice to see you again. Nice to see you, too. So how’s it going? How are the twins? Things are– it’s a bit hectic. It’s going. They’re lovely. But you know, I want to
take care of myself again. I have diabetes now. I don’t have time to
really take care of myself. I just want to put a little
bit more focus on myself again, and be healthy, so
I can be there for my kids. That’s great. Well, I’m glad that you’re here,
and I’m glad to see you again. Yeah, OK, so let’s
talk about it today in terms of what is it
that you want to do, in a sense of managing
your diabetes. I want to hear a little
bit more about that. You know, I really
enjoyed exercising before, and I still do. I just don’t have the time
and the energy to do it now, because of my kids. I really enjoyed swimming,
I loved yoga, walking. I just don’t know how to
fit that into my life now. OK. And those are great
exercise options, and they’re pretty
much low impact. And the more you
exercise, as you know, it’ll help make you feel
better, gives you a little bit more energy, as well as
help manage your diabetes. That’s what I really
want to focus on, because I want to
be healthy, so I can be there in the
long term for my kids and take care of myself. OK. Let’s come up with an action
plan, a short-term action plan and a long-term
action plan, in terms of what you want to work on, in
terms of your exercise regimen. So you said that you like
swimming, and you like yoga. And what was the
other one that– Walking. –and walking. I love walking too,
so that’s great. So what’s– you say you don’t
know how to fit it in your day. What is your day like? You know, it’s basically
running around, trying to catch up with
my kids, basically. In the morning it’s
just getting them fed, and just getting
my husband to work. And then it’s just
being at home with them, just making sure that we
have enough time together, and getting them
changed and bathed, and it’s just constantly
washing stuff. And if I have time, I would
love to go out and take a walk with them, but that
doesn’t always– schedule doesn’t always permit that. In the afternoon, I take
them to little workshops, where the kids can
interact with other kids. And then it’s preparing dinner,
and the day just flies by. So when you– for the
workshop, for the little kids, do you drop them off,
or are you there with– I usually stay with them. OK. Is there an option to leave
them there by themselves? Do you feel
comfortable with that? Yeah. There is that option. I just– I’ve always
been there, so– No, I hear you. Is there anyone else that
could watch your kids, while they’re in play time? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable
leaving them by themselves? Well, there’s Grandma. OK, OK. Do you think she would be
open to maybe watching them for the hour that they’re
there, 30 minutes, or the hour that they’re there,
so that you can then probably get your walk in, or
even go to a yoga class? Well, Grandma’s usually there
with us a lot of the times. So she’s familiar, and she
watches the kids there too. Oh, OK. Would that– That could be an option. OK, great. How many times a
week do they go? Twice a week. Twice a week. OK. Would that be a short term
action that we can think about, about you going to some
type of either yoga class, or doing some type of
exercise while your kids are doing play time? Yeah, that sounds doable. If I don’t feel
comfortable, maybe I’ll just do it once a week
to start off with. That’s totally– yes, I
think that’s a great idea. And the point here
is change is hard. And what we talk about today
in terms of some of the goals that we talk about today, it
might not be feasible for you when we check in, let’s
say, a week from today. So you mentioned that
you liked walking. So if the yoga class
is not available, or it’s not easily
accessible, perhaps maybe you can just take
a walk around the block where your kids are playing–
just 10 minutes, 15 minutes, so that you have
time for yourself. And then you can then go back. Does that sound like something
that would be of interest? That sounds like a plan. That sounds like a good start. And then later on, then you
can research other things when you feel more comfortable
about be leaving them alone at playtime, or with your mom. Then we can look at
other things, too. It’s about incremental change. So step by step,
to reach your goal. And it doesn’t have to be
from 0 to 100, in one shot. But it’s just something
that you’re– whatever you’re comfortable
with, and we can, again, take it one step at a time. That sounds good. I’ll write that
down as our plan. Is it OK if I call you a
week from today, to check in? Sure. Yeah, because I know that, like
I said before, change is hard. And when we check in, you
tell me just your reality, and is it really working. And if it is, then
we’ll move from there. If it’s not, then maybe we’ll
take a look at it again, and maybe look at other options
that might work for you. Good. That sounds good. You know, I think
it might be hard. But I’m open for it. Great, great. And I’m so glad
to see you again, and I’m glad that the
twins are healthy. Yeah, nice to see
you again, too. Thank you.

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