A Day in the Life with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH)
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A Day in the Life with Pulmonary Hypertension (PH)

September 14, 2019

and you just got really big and it just
felt like I was being strangled when we leave this house it’s like
packing for 40 years there’s typing so the night razzes bones is food
this blanket our bag his treats toys like every day and an oxygen like that
guys the broken one so we’re gonna bring Steve and then we have the conserver and
then I have Jack gives these stars in case I get cold and so many things
the grass was like 45 leashes because we’re training him with this gentle
leader right here to get him to stop pulling but he looks like he’s this like
ferocious beast because it looks like he bites so cuz it goes around his little
head air in his neck nose area okay those are on the thing again this is
like a very bad tripod it’s the paper towel rack who’s that his gentle leader
his harness comes with us so that he can have a little fun poopy bags and we have
chapstick poor deal just to go out for like two seconds I didn’t job my minute
but I jogged 40 it was like 45 seconds three times it’s tricky because that’s
usually how I know that I feel better or worse and it’s so dark I hope it’s not
really depressing that it’s so dark over them it’s really depressing we’re gonna
try to open these shades and see what happens
here we go hey life now I’m just a blur every time
well Rath is like so excited look at him he’s like hey what are you doing I’ve
never seen de if you ever seen the light little gay yeah that’s the light but he
wasn’t just saying that’s my train of thought no oh yeah feeling better so but
the way that I know right now and I’m so scared always to say that I feel better
like even the slightest bit better because I just get nervous like I’m very
superstitious I’m like oh if you feel better don’t talk about it just feel
better the way that I know that I’m feeling better right now is terribly
because of my neck because usually like every hour and 45 minutes my neck had
been like my vein here Stanley his name is Stanley he’d been bulging and he just
got really big and it just felt like I was being strangled but now all of a
sudden I find look like I’m working I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing it’s like
three hours go by four hours go by and I’m like whoa
Stanley is not strangling me and that’s amazing so then of course I stand up and
like I see the Bulge and like it’s not like he’s gone but he’s um hanging out
in another place which is good how’d he do it he’s just so fascinated
by super light outside I know red it’s fun like I know you have never seen
sunlight before didn’t feel dark in there’s no I know it’s so exciting I’m
sorry it’s so dark everyone I really hope it’s not like depressing to watch
these vlogs because we’re all dark where am I going you asked I’m going to close
the shades because I am bothered already by the amount of light that’s just kind
of my husband truthfully and then you guys actually commented on my video of
that some of you feel the same way do you like the dark that makes me feel
better because like sometimes I’m like what is wrong with me that I don’t like
the light or fit of the day I should say outfit of the everyday sandals every
single day shorts every single day track day out stitch of the every single day this cannula right here is a lot of
people ask me which one that says so this is not the one that I wear around
the house the one around the house is really ugly I use it on camera all the
time because it’s just more comfortable it’s the one I used to go out this in
Salter labs micro cannula it’s for lower flows it’s for flows of up to like three
or something but I use it on higher flows we sell a lot more air we got this
guy it has to Steve we’re just gonna have to hope that the concentrator
concentrator does not break so far it’s working
I am so spoiled now I’m not you see him anymore like when I walk away from him I
forget but he’s there cuz usually I have the antigen on my back we have to double
check the big acids don’t like double check I mean like quadruple and
quintuple check because we’re both paranoid about leaving the gas on it’s
funny cuz at night we’re both totally paranoid so Dave will go out and check
the gas like five times then I’ll go back out and check the gas like five
times you’ve just hangs out there and then
like I walk and then it pulls my face and I’m like awesome oh and it’s cuz
I’ve gotten so spoiled because the energy is on my back it takes us like
three hours to leave the house just because between all the preparation and
packing and everything and then of the fact that we’re both really really
concerned that we’ve left gas but I am Alive it may be over
that’s the sky cry when you are anyway
it’s not so easy it
come on I will stand by you no matter what they
see No
my chest is filled with it’s the end there’s no salt no oil at
least that’s what I was told but I am alive it may be over
that’s the sky that ain’t no me everyone oh we made it we’re huh we walk
like 10,000 blocks which is so good there as that from the hectare side and
I got some exercise sometimes they get like this burst of energy and then I can
just walk for a long time and that happened time then I got slightly
nauseous so we got into it left Hey no jumping no Tempe why are you eating my
hands red say good night everyone good night say bye bye everyone sees bye
bye everyone see you soon okay thank you all so much for watching
excuse me say bye red eye red burns hey hey you little beast oh my gosh I’m
gonna have you taken apart right now by my dog okay when you are

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