A Day In The Life Of A Woman Who Says She Is Physically And Mentally Afraid Of Most Food
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A Day In The Life Of A Woman Who Says She Is Physically And Mentally Afraid Of Most Food

August 25, 2019

he’s just the shake maker so he about three these a day I hate drinking this every single day I can’t take it anymore I definitely feel like a sleep every day the same shape I think as you are of making them I’m sick of eating them trust me please be better please it’s really live it’s really awful these are little cheese’s I really like these I know this looks little too like most people like they just eat it in one bite this will take me probably ten bites to eat this little piece of cheese we’re now we have to wait we have to put this down right here I don’t show this a million times I’m taking a little bite gonna take me about a good five minutes to eat a piece of cheese this big not normal not normal at all unsafe foods that I won’t eat like the criteria for them have to be too many ingredients or choking hazard allergies or thick like a steak that just looks so disgusting that’s a no-no I can’t even look at it it’s just disgust I was trying to close the drawer it’s just disgusting it’s a hard chewy nasty choking hazard to me that’s what that is that’s a choking hazard okay that’s that’s terrible for you right I mean you feel like a prisoner yeah I am a prisoner I want to take a look at historically what your weight has been and I’ve arranged these side-by-side before March 2014 your weight was 115 pounds yes that’s right I look great that’s my bridal shower then we’ve got April 2015 75 pounds what do you see they’re a mess a disaster what happened between here and here in your mind well I got a hepatitis B vaccination that my throat did end up closing up and I had to run home to him to give me benadryl and that’s when it went really bad because then in my mind everything that went into my body was gonna give me that same reaction how did you make the shift from injection to ingestion I don’t have a doctrine in psychology you do I don’t I don’t know I don’t know well I hate to tell you this but this is a joint effort because you’re an expert on you you know what’s going on I can’t I don’t I don’t that’s why I came to you I don’t I don’t know what’s going on so you want me to figure it out yes well this is me figuring it out so you felt your throat closed after the injection yes and if you put something in your throat for a split second it does close because there’s food in it right so that replicates what happened in that split second probably and and you felt really helpless during the time when your throat was closing before you got the benadryl yeah I had to run home to him I was freaking out right yeah

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