6 Investigates follow-up: Street work – headway or just headaches?

September 9, 2019

investigates a good news/bad news situation and we’re talking about the street work that’s underway all over town the good news is that it’s finally in full swing the bad news is that some of the projects can make getting around town a bit of a challenge and tonight chief investigative reporter rich fool takes a look at whether all that work is making a dent more than 1,200 miles of streets roads and byways crisscross our city and as we’re all learning repairing and rebuilding it all is a mammoth task so tonight we bring you the latest numbers out of City Hall it’s a two-way street all this roadwork on one side there are new streets and above free ride on the other there are detours and closures as all of us have to find new ways to get around city engineering director Jeff Edmunds understands these sayings and says the best approach is patience and knowing that someday it will all be worth it unfortunately these projects are disruptive and you’ve got to go through that difficult process to get a road that you can enjoy for 30 or 40 years Street maintenance and repairs are at the top of the city’s policy and financial agenda and right now there are 15 major projects underway and there are more coming online all the time but so far this year the city’s paid contractors to do more than two hundred ninety four thousand square yards worth of seal coats and overlays city workers have added another three hundred sixty five thousand square yards of seal coats themselves add to that all the patches residential repairs and bond projects the total done in Corpus Christi this year comes to eight hundred eighty seven thousand one hundred fifty seven square yards eight hundred eighty seven thousand one hundred fifty seven square yards and that’s about 45 miles worth of road work and forty five miles well that’s enough Road to get you from City Hall all the way to downtown Kingsville it’s a lot of asphalt a lot of pavement and a lot of money we do about a hundred and fifty million dollars a year and contracting activity there is no timeline yet on when all the work might in particularly with the residential street program just getting underway but one thing Edmonds did want to make clear when it comes to which streets get fixed first I do not pick the streets those are picked by the by the street department and by the City Council we just execute the projects on the way Edmond says there are two more big projects coming online in 2019 the Slough Road expansion and the Holly Road rebuild from Ennis Jocelyn out to rod feel

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