3 Ways to Tell if You Have High Blood Pressure Symptoms
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3 Ways to Tell if You Have High Blood Pressure Symptoms

September 3, 2019

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if you have high blood pressure That irritating “Type A” supervisor at
work is exactly the type of person to have high blood pressure, right?  Actually, not
necessarily. In nearly all cases, high blood pressure has no symptoms whatsoever. So how can you tell?  Have a test: Option #1)    Get one done for free. 
You can go to your supermarket or pharmacy and use one of their “Free Test” machines. 
Unfortunately, these machines often haven’t been serviced in years.  Ask the pharmacist
when the last service was.  If you get a confused look with a shrugged shoulder, it’s
not a good sign. Option #2)    Visit your doctor.  The
one catch with this is called “white coat hypertension.”  Some people are just naturally
edgy at the doctor and this can temporarily drive up your blood pressure.  It’s no
excuse not to go though – The Mayo Clinic recommends that everybody over 20 years old
get a professional blood pressure check at least every two years. Option #3)    Do-it-yourself.  One of
the best ways to get a really accurate overview of your blood pressure is to get in a home
monitor.  Some people have “morning hypertension,” for example, which might never be caught except
if you do a test right when you roll out of bed.  Prices on home-test machines have really
come down in recent years.  “Omron,” for example, makes some excellent models. 
It’s a wise investment. Now, with all of this said, there are indeed
some symptoms of high blood pressure.  Calling high blood pressure, “The Silent Killer
because it has no symptoms,” isn’t entirely true.  Headaches, dizziness and nosebleeds
are all potential warning signs.  But, they typically only occur in cases of dangerously
high blood pressure.  Plus, because these symptoms are so common and easily ignored,
they usually pass unnoticed as “It’s nothing, I just have a headache,” etc.  Another
indicator of high blood pressure is ‘sleep apnea.’  Sleep apnea is when people stop
breathing briefly while they sleep, often associated with heavy snoring.  [As an interesting
side note, snoring is also an indicator of type II diabetes.] Blood pressure frequently increases gradually
as we age.  Especially as we get older, it’s increasingly important to stay vigilant about
knowing where our blood pressure is.  How long has it been since your last blood pressure
check?  Not to be overly melodramatic but your life depends on it.  Time to get tested
today. To learn more about natural ways to control
your blood pressure without drugs, visit us at www.LowerBloodPressureDrugFree.com.
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  1. You have to go to a doctor. They can give you a BP monitor that you can wear for 24 hours and they can test you and you will see your BP throughout the day


  3. I have hypertension, i checked at Wal-Mart, but i guess i can't trust that one.
    I also have no health insurance.
    I don't get headaches or nose bleeds.
    I've heard i snore, i don't know how much, though.
    So… am i screwed?

  4. I always exercise and weight lift, ate healthy foods but my BP averaged at 130/80, I'm kinda worried because it's a familial disease we have. I'm 24.

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