鳴き声注意【姫うずら】感染?①〜下痢症状〜 Infection?① ~ Diarrhea Symptoms ~ King quail

September 18, 2019

The Mourning Cry lasted two days. Milk came to rely on Fuku. Goma often acts differently. Out of all It was found that three of the four quails were diarrhea. Fuku, Gom, Milk’s dung is soft. 「I’m just fine!」 Could it be that an infectious disease? I changed the food, but it did not heal. There is information that the brewer’s yeast is good for the stomach. Purine. . . Because gout is scary, and in just a little bit. Disinfection sterilization! Be careful because the poop will come out! The loose stools are continuing. I will go when I find a hospital.

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